Saturday, June 24, 2006

broken tape recorder

The most frustrating thing about writing the things I write is that I have to keep repeating myself. I constantly feel like a broken tape recorder that keeps playing its tracks in a loop. It is like preaching to a choir - everybody is pretty much immune to my reasoning, and my logic. In fact, I imagine my sense of 'patriotism' (for the lack of a better word) is irritating if you read it over and over again.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you would notice that nothing ever seems to change. Yet, like a Maths teacher who has to keep repeating that 'negative times negative gives you positive', I have to keep repeating myself because somehow the slower learners in the class can never get it.

Never once in my life have I ever said that this is a perfect country where everything works out fine and everything is nice and dandy. Far from it. Yet, I still accept it for what it is. There are always solutions to every problem. Unfortunately, most Malaysians, especially those overseas, like to do nothing but complain and whine and groan.

Moaning gets you no where. You either fix your leaking boat or you deal with it and sink with it eventually. WHAT GOOD IS MOANING?

I write this because there has been a sudden influx of 'gomen bashing' blogs. They offer no solution to a problem. All they do is whine and bitch about how everything is broken. What is the point of it all? Are your complains going to patch up your leaking roof, or fix your broken down car? Why are you depending on other mice to pin the bell on the cat's collar? Why can't you do it yourself? Why WON'T you do it yourself?

It is the people who open their mouths the loudest who don't get anything done. It is the very same idiot who shouts, "OMFG What is happening to my country?!?" who sits on his ass yabbling away at nothingness while doing exactly that.

A fucktard once asked me why we as engineers have to study about 'ethics' in business. I replied that it is important so that we understand the importance of ethics in our dealings. "But if my unscrupulous boss wants to act a certain way, what can I do?" he asks. I reply, "This is why, my friend, one day, when you become a boss, you act APPROPRIATELY." "But then," he asked, "How to make money like that?"

I was sitting in IKEA's food court for lunch today. There is a huge sign that requests that people clear their trays and plates from the table after eating. I was sitting in front of the section where people were supposed to bring their trays and plates after eating. I observed no more than 4 people who actually cleared their plates.

You want to be a developed nation? Sure.

The straight government and first class facilities would be perfect. You might not be able to sort that out in the short term, but heck, you can start doing your part by being a little civic minded and a little less rude.


" and a little less rude."

Good advise for yourself.


the problem is that when people complain, they are actually hoping that a magical immediate change will occur...which explains why they just won't do anything about it themselves.

what we need to understand is that change doesn't happen right away. change and progress are not ingredients you put into a cup, "just add boiling complaints" and voila, they become ready to eat.

i'll just bring up another cleanliness example. my uni had problems convincing students to throw away their plates after having a meal. so the students' council, and their friends, started to lead by example by disposing the used plates and nagging more friends to do the same. the result? much cleaner plates and a more pleasant eating environment.

had the students' council just decided to complain and complain and do nothing about the situation themselves, the plates would have continued to be heaped on the tables after lunch every day.

it's so simple. do something. if you don't know what you can do, ask someone who may know. if you don't like their answer but know they're right, would it kill you to humble yourself and maybe take a suggestion?

too many of us are too arrogant and ignorant to consider taking action. small steps might be small, but they're steps nevertheless.


oops typo: "...much cleaner plates" is supposed to be "...much cleaner TABLES".

Yes but I'll dare say you're a recorder that plays good messages.

i am not disagreeing with you.. in fact i agree with almost all of what you say. i too don't like moaners.

however one thing that bothers me is this: what do we do when the problem is beyond our control? say for "example", if our goverment is corrupt.. from top to bottom, and the majority of the people actually believe that they are not corrupt, heck even the judiciary is corrupt... what can one do? if you do try to go on a one-man crusade, you should be prepared to live behind bars for a while with a live-in boyfriend who tends to drop soap in the shower.

what do you propose we do in a situation like this?

once again i would like to stress that i am in no way disagreeing with you. i am just interested in your opinion.

for me, this is where 2 principles i believe in clash, i.e the principle of not moaning and the principle of being an anal virgin... so i don't have an answer myself.


you can START by not bribing cops. you can START by berating your friends and family who do bribe cops.

its a ripple in the water, but its a good START, nonetheless.


well... as a matter of fact i refuse to bribe policemen. no matter how much they hint about my car, or even the 1 guy who dared to ask me why i can't spare him any change for a cup of coffee. and i do tell people not to do it as well... but i have learnt that the only ones who will listen are those with at least a slight conscience. most of them laugh and call me stupid.

yet, i still tend to moan about my country. well i won't exactly call it moaning, more like thinking disappointedly. i was actually sitting and giving myself wrinkles yesterday over this. how can such a poor country, with such lazy inhabitants, and such corrupt government ever progress? what do we have to offer? cheap labour? as long as we continue to be cheap labour to other countries, our standard of living will be below theirs. we don't have malaysians who are creative/ingenius enough to invent something useful. if i remember correctly our 3 greatest inventions are (in no particular order) - 1. the plastic circumcision clamp
2. the rubber tapper tree knife thing
3. tongkat ali as an aphrodisiac

our only useful natural resource is oil, which of course is also subject to corruption tax, seeing as to who controls most of it. the palm oil as an alternative fuel plan has been kicked to venus... what else do we have to offer? lazy workers who like team breaks and will probably steal from you?

i am glad that with my lifestyle i probably wont live beyond 50. i don't see this country progressing.

see... i am moaning...


interesting blog u got here.. :).. wanna go to IKEA too.

Isn't this bloody typical of Malaysians?

The majority of them are moaning for a 1st world country/conditions but can't seem to remove themselves from a 3rd world mentality.

Seriously, something as simple as putting food trays into trolleys (or whatever) at IKEA is so difficult to do. Likewise holding open a door or waiting for people to bloody get out of the lift before you get in.

Like the adage goes. "Be the change you want to see in the world/country". You may label the above mentioned situations as trivial, but believe me nothing speaks louder than actions and people will catch on in due time because lets face it, some changes don't happen overnight.

It is in all likelihood that we may not see Malaysia as a clean, corrupt-free and developed country in our lifetime but, what we can do is start teaching our children that values such as honesty, integrity and caring for your fellow man are paramount.

The current government won't live on forever and who knows that in the future our children who have been taught the above forementioned values may be the ones to replace them. Then the change will eventually come.

But for the time being if the present govt. is unsatisfactory, then vote in an opposition party at the next GE. If the opposition is just as inept as the current govt. Then i'm sorry, because unless people stop spewing rhetoric and actually start putting words into action then all i can say is 'beggars can't be choosers'.

Not polishing balls here but Vincent is an example of how every Malaysian should start thinking. He could have easily stayed in the UK or worked anywhere other than Malaysia but he chose to come back. Why? Because he believes that he can in some part create a positive change in present day Malaysia no matter how minisicule his contribution may be (i got this notion from your previous posts). People like this should be commended but in reality are brought down in typical Malaysian fashion i.e 'what can one person do'?. Thinking positive is half the battle won i reckon.

IMO, the only Malaysians who can sincerely say that they are truly and deeply care for Malaysia are those who are actually doing something to improve/save Malaysia from it's current downward spiral.


With the bribing of cops.

Which part of 'taking responsiblity for your actions' don't those who choose to bribe understand?

You speed, you pay the fine. It's really that simple.

You can't afford the fine? Who asked you to speed?

Yeah most of my friends think i'm stupid for wanting to pay RM300 instead of RM30 (or something). But you can't put a price on ethical and moral principles. Any decent human being with a strong foundation in these two vaules would see that bribing is just a cop-out (pun not intended) from their responsibilities.


"The problem is that when people complain, they are actually hoping that a magical immediate change will occur..."

lishun: That is the fundemental problem with today's society. We're in the age where we expect results instantly or as quickly as possible. People these days want FAST food, a FAST internet connection etc (well you get my point). It's all about doing 'as little as possible' to get what we want this days sadly.


McD is the same, supposed to clear your own trays, they even provide multiple bins.

How many people do you see doing that?

How many people do I see cutting queues on the highway and the toll every day?

Ah well, hopefully those I block in and scold will learn their lesson.


unless someone actually pays them to shut the hell up, it might actually work =x

What good is moaning?

Overseas Malaysians are only doing what they can:

Pointing out the government and nation's shortcomings.

And it's a very valuable service, no?

You say that these people only talk while not doing anything. True. They are away from the battleground. What else do you want them to do? End their education prematurely? Not getting valuable experience that they can bring back home to Malaysia?

It only appears that the government isn't listening. Why can't the government listen?

Not offering solutions? Advocating the IPCMC? Press freedom? Debating laws?

You committed a logical fallacy by associating two groups of unrelated people, to invalidate the opinion and service of another.

You talk as if the 'gomen bashers' and 'ikea foodcourt undeveloped people' are the same people. Your logic:

1. gomen bashers = Malaysians
2. Malaysians = 3rd world mentality
3. 3rd world mentality = gomen bashers
4. gomen basher's opinion = invalid

Anyway, we are all just reminding the Government of Malaysia that we don't owe them anything.

We pay our taxes and we vote you in so that you can perform a service for us all.

Don't expect any praise, although we are free to do so, but expect to be criticized when we don't get our money's worth.

You, the ruling government, being in power, hold an honour and priveledge, and not a right. Fuck it up, and we will remove you from power. Be thankful we haven't done so yet. You are only receiving warnings now.

And to these 3rd world ikea foodcourt types, I'm bloody ashamed of you too. I hope you grow up. I hope I myself am not 3rd worldly.

Evenso, that shouldn't invalidate my argument.


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