Sunday, June 11, 2006


For some reason which I do not wish to justify, I found myself in KLCC the other day and I figured that I should spend the entire day doing something useful (and educational). And so, 15 bucks later, I got into Petrosains and the Speed! exhibition.

If you didn't already know, Petrosains is an awesome science centre that deals concentrates on the whole science behind petroleum (from the dinosaurs to the processes to the uses). Speed! deals with the science of Formula 1 which Petronas should know a great deal about because of their involvement in the sport. Both 'science centres' are very well maintained and extremely informative. They are suitable for people from all walks of life - they are written in simple terms and there are loads of volunteers around to explain things to laymen who might have questions.

What I found myself constantly irritated about was the fact that parents brought their young children there like as though it was a playground. Some kids ran around playing with the models like as though they were toys and kept banging on buttons for the interactive displays. The sad thing is that most of the parents made no attempts to stop those kids from spoiling the models and were certainly uninterested in actually teaching their kids something (which should be the whole point of taking your kid to a science centre, no??)

I spent 7 hours in the place slowly going through the exhibits and most of the stuffs, yet there were a lot of things that I didn't quite manage to see. And disturbingly, despite it being the school holidays, I did not see any teenagers going there alone to check out the place (There were a group of guys in Speed! but they were more interested in the simulator game). When I was in Germany and in Munich's Science centre, everywhere I went, there were school kids and college kids silently observing the exhibits and reading about them. Some of them were holding notepads and taking down notes (for studies, I presume).

And so, I left the place frustrated that I wasted a lot of time waiting for some kid to stop playing with some models and that their parents made no attempts to educate them. I was disillusioned to the fact that there were hardly any teenagers interested in science enough to visit a science centre on their own but many of them were window shopping around the mall outside.

As I walked to the LRT station, I was thinking about all these issues about how Malaysian kids are a bit messed up (more stories on that later). Nevermind about the governments and stuffs like that...shit like that is more than enough to screw us up as a nation. Inconsiderate parents, bird-brained kids...all of the likes. But when I reached the LRT platform, I saw rows and rows of my fellow Malaysians queuing up to get into the LRT.

Maybe there is hope after all.


Kids are lidat wan la. Next time when you have kids yourself then you know.

If my kids did that, I would land them a 5 finger chop mark on each side of the face.

You wouldn't get away with that in Australia. People would start screaming child abuse. haha

Anyways. Why bring kids to a science exhibit or whatever just to have them 'play' and not learn anything?

Might as well have kept them home and let them play computer games instead. Since they aren't interested in learing something. Free to stay at home somemore.

Where are the parents when it comes to teaching their kids about repecting other peoples property and seize every opportunity to broaded their minds? Everytime i find an exhibit with broken buttons or whatever i say to myself this couldnt have been done by an adult or a responsible kid. It just ruins the experience for every one.


Sorry for my bad english. was typing it up in a hurry

A lot of parents treat shopping centres, department stores and such as improvised daycare centres in the first place.

The absence of parental attention might also explain why a lot of kids grow up to be attention-seeking bloggers. :P


me feign crying and cover my face with my hands and long hair till vince freak out before he could lay his hands on my face



At least you met people who actually lined up. 2 years using the LRT and I never see people lining up, except for the 8am crowd of executives.

4 days ago in KL Sentral , I queued up with the people waiting to go back to Taman Melati , that time was 9 am . 3 or 4 bastards shoved themselves in front of me to rush in . I wish I should have pushed them down the rail line .

I was similarly heartened to see that too. =)

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