Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I was supposed to tell you this fantastic, absolutely brilliant story of a peacock I once saw at a zoo, but then a random question popped by. You see, on a field trip to the zoo when I was no taller than 4 feet, we passed the peacock enclosure.

Oh no, wait. I was supposed to get to the random question.

How come it's okay for kids to skip school for 3 days (and on the first week after the school holidays, too) just to attend a religious camp? Is praying in a group more important than school?

Now honestly. When you go to a zoo, the few things that interests you are the lions and tigers because they are all macho and all. Then there are the monkeys and the chimpanzees - the clever animals and there are usually animal shows staring those clever animals. Then of course there are sea lions. People also tend to talk about snakes. Even though snakes are insanely boring creatures, they make great subjects because of their gluttony and the stuffs they do with their food.

But wait. I am confused. You mean kids have to go to a religious camp to show their love for God? Whatever happened to doing things like this during school holidays? Never mind the teachers, how come parents allow kids to go for holiday during term time? Heck, I wish I could go hang out with my friends in Frasers during term time, too.

But peacocks? Who gives a shit about peacocks? Turn to your colleague and ask him to name you 5 animals you find in zoos. I bet you my virgin ass that nobody will put a peacock in the list of the most popular animals. This is because peacocks are probably as insignificant as anteaters and tapirs. And they say that peacocks are vain creatures.....

Goddammit. Don't flame me till wit's end, okay? Of course praying to God and everything is good. But you can surely do stuffs like that during your free time, rite? We wouldn't want our kids to miss out on important subjects like Pendidikan Moral and Trigonometry, would we?

So anyways, we were passing by the peacock enclosure and was about to walk past it when the damn creature perasan a bit and spread its feathers. Suddenly everybody stopped to look because heck, if one kid finds something awesome, every other stupid kid will follow suit. The peacock, happy with all the attention it was getting proceeded to march around the enclosure with the arrogance of a tampon a.k.a 'stuck up cunt' parading its glorious feathers.

Sorry for the random distractions. There aren't anymore after this.

Little did the peacock know that all the attention it was getting was not due to those dull coloured feathers, but because Littly Timmy the dumbfuck was pointing at the signboard laughing out, "Hehehe...PEA-COCK! Teeheee...got small cock!"


If I may suggest an answer to your question:

Parents would allow their kids to skip school and go to some goddamned religious camp because it gets the kids out their hair for those three days.

Teachers would allow their students to skip school and go to some goddamned religious camp because it gets the kids out of their hair for those three days.

Ironic phrase of the week has to be goddamned religious camp. I'm patenting that. :P


Hahahah, tigerjoe answers it all. ;)


Trig is way far to be compared to what you'll do/learn in religious camp.

Afterall trig won't do u any good in the afterlife, will it?

To me, it's pretty much of having a balance in life...

Perhaps you can share if u've been to any religious camp ???


anon > what if, in order to prove that you were a good kid n attended all ur trigo classes in school like the good kid u were supposed to be, you had to answer a set of trigo questions set by the good Lord himself to get into heaven? it WOULD put u in good standing then, wouldn't it?

and besides, the question here is not about trigo vs religious camp. it's the whole TIMING issue. so, i can't skip school to go camping in Taman Negara but i can skip school for a religious camp? TIMING, man, TIMING.


Again, this is not the matter of normal camping thing (I would be the 1st to object if it's just a fun camp, get together and chit chat?), it's a religious camp...i think it would somehow carry a weight ???? If u've been to both, u would know the differences? I guess u probably can ask around (if u want)....

Also, IMO, it is always best to educate ppl when they're still very young..don't u think?


The typical schoolkid will always support any excuse to skip classes. Skipping three whole days of classes would be worth a boring outing in the goddamned jungle.

I should know, I was a kid once. :P


Even if the kids use it as a reason to skip school, if I was the parent, I wouldn't mind...cause I know what they'll do (Activities) in that religious camp...

I should know, I was a kid once...:p

Been there, done that.....


haihh... so easy.. go to school,end of story.

If need camps during the holidays every other week oso can get..


Just trying to bring the whole new perspective here....Viewing from the other side, perhaps?

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