Thursday, June 01, 2006

not quite there yet

So you wake up one day in a weird place. You are still hungover from last night. You look to your side and see a woman lying next to you. She is nude, and you obviously don't see her face because you are staring at her enormous rack.

You feel something on your prick and when you look down, you discover that you passed out before taking out the damn rubber. Boy, that's gotta hurt. Slowly, you wince as you try to remove the damn thing. And then, like a bandaid, you decide to rip it off in one go.

And you do just that. It hurts, but then you feel relieved. Just then, your one night stand companion turns on her side and faces you. You stare at her and you just can't belive that Angelina Jolie is staring into your eyes.

She gives you a peck on a cheek as she leaves and she says, "Thanks a lot. You're one of the best I ever had."


Would you be:

a) BEAMING WITH PRIDE...because firstly, you were drunk and you weren't even performing 100% and secondly, she's Angelina Jolie and she's probably had men of all shapes and sizes before.

b) PISSED...because she said you were 'one of the best' and not 'the best'.


C) DUMBFUCKED AND WONDERING HOW I GOT IN BED WITH ANGELINA JOLIE. i guess that should sum up my thoughts at that moment. LOL.

hm.. i would think beaming with pride because:-
1. i just fucked angelina jolie
2. i just saw her rack in 3D

but, pissed because:-
1. i probably wont remember what fucking her was like
2. she is leaving instead of giving me a good morning blowjob


Pissed because you don't even remember a single thing about it.

Beaming because i just slept with Angie....so i think. (It's hard to know when you've been visually and mentally impaired).

Pissed because i wouldn't have remembered any of it and that it prolly wouldn't happen ever again!


I'd be beaming with pride; but at the same time, I'd also worry whether the hidden video cam managed to get everything. :P


you buggers all fail SPM whey. question got two answers only la. got reason leh. think metaphors, can?!?!


Vince: I was always better at subjective and open-book questions than I was at multiple choice questions. :P

Dem! Why guys always get the good role. Where's the ladies role? In bed with Tom Cruise?

LOL, would answer B. Dude, if u get to screw her, you've gotta be givin her a good ffing session LOL.
But anyways, why Angie? why not someone like Scarlett Johansson, now that minx is hot.


(a) beaming with pride... and then um... put on the new rubber and XXXX as haha should have some memories with her what?! and of course play safe sex since she has been with so many ppl


i know i would be BEAMING WITH PRIDE since I was able to maintain my erection thoughout without the condom falling off.

A Beaming with pride

why bother beaming with pride when you can have another go? since after all there is no ultimatum saying that she's not going to entertain you

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