Tuesday, June 06, 2006

quick trivia

Once, in Standard 4, I wrote a composition that was 350 words long. Instead of marvelling over the fact that a 8 year old child genius could do something that some Form 5 kids struggle to do, my bitch of an English teacher refused to mark it when she saw the word count at the end.

I remember her words : "354 words?!?! I AM NOT MARKING THIS!"

Funny then, that I had problems churning out 50 words today.


You should try writing erotica if you're at a loss for words.

She pulled down my pants and started teasing my penis is already ten (10) words, and we haven't even gotten to the really technical bits yet.


i was the opposite....

I'm like always writing more than 1000 words nowadays and when i thought about the 100 words they made us write in primary school...i went, "What the....100 words is like damn short weh" How on earth do you write an Aku Sebatang Pen in 100 words? Funny.


I wonder what was the title and what did you wrote.

Oooooooh.......so she could count!

Hah, I always despised the stupid maximum word limit imposed last time..

Heck, I remember writing bloody 1200 words for an exam before. 'Too long' wor... bah... in that case, Leo Tolstoy would've failed me english class...


who's Leo Tolstoy?

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