Tuesday, June 06, 2006

write write write

Some wise bloke once told me to keep writing if I was lost for words. You know, just write whatever comes into mind. Write like as if you were talking to a friend, or to your dog...write what you thought about when you were in the toilet, driving, cooking....even reading.

And so it is, I am talking to you. Writing to you, actually. I don't quite know what the next sentence is going to bring, so I am just pressing random buttons on the keyboard till something coherant comes out. Of course, you're not going to be impressed, but who the hell ever said that this was meant to impress you?

Actually, I have quite a number of topics that I want to write about, but my current state of mind would not do justice to those topics. So, I reckon random snippets of random things should work here.

I was talking to my friend Seta the other day when he said that he had to run for a bit. Apparently his Ewok of a dog pooped in his house. I think his words sounded something like, "Scuse me, my dog just made a mess...I have to go clean up the mess and reprimand her." Has the world gone mad? Since when did we reprimand dogs? What ever happened to just kicking them? Seta wasn't pleased when I suggested that, though.

Oh, this RANDOM EVIL WOMAN FRIEND of mine was talking about my writing the other day which somehow reminded me of the stuffs I used to write in Form 5 and in college. I read through most of it and grimaced at the sheer idiocy of my words, but she professes that it is the most inspired piece of writing ever......sure as hell beats that stupid Dan Brown anyway.

And finally, an old joke which I heard ages ago, which some muppet tried to tell me today:

Who killied Coco Pops?
Cereal Killer

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wow. glad to be your first comment on your sensless rambelings about nothing. I still enjoyed it. I can tell your a great writer even when your not talking about anything specific.

You bullshit artist! Inspiring, my arse! :P

That's it! Never gonna tell you I like any of your work ever again! Hehehehe.


lame sial.

and vincent! you've finally gotten yourself a "haha i'm first!" comment! on the way to stardom, man...


lishun : On my way to stardom?!?! You mean I'm not there yet? Dammit.

Whenever some inspiration come to you, draft and safe for later use. Save lots when you have nothing to blog.


cereal killer.. chato

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