Sunday, July 09, 2006

blog plugs

There was a time where I looked for blogs with pretty chicks who would willingly plaster their faces on their blogs for the amusement of their readers. These days though, with more and more of those said blogs emerging, I have taken to actually finding blogs that I can read. Simply because if I wanted to ogle at hot chicks, I might as well be surfing for porn. This is also due to the fact that chicks in porn are (1) much much hotter, and (2) camwhore more than their faces.

Being a ridiculously slow day today, I have decided to plug a couple of blogs because (1) I am in the mood to spread the joy, (2) people complain of sucky blogs around and more importantly, because (3) they are awesome.

There are hardly any humour blogs written by women. Strangely rare. TheZEBRA is an exception to the case. She is actually an acquaintance I knew from school, but I doubt she remembers me now. Still, the humour is of her own unique style (as are all humour blogs).

Short and sweet is the key:

You're mad if you think I'm getting out of a nice, warm bed to play soccer when it's 1°C outside.

I don't want to hurt myself on someone's nipples.
The only boo-boo here is the use of the sacrilegeous term 'soccer', but since she studies in Australia, I'll let that pass. Besides, I actually laughed out loud reading the one liner - something that rarely happens.

Other times, the jokes are just "..........." (the dots are for the lack of a suitable term that you can find in any English dictionary) :

Yesterday's text conversation with my mom:

Me: I've got the flu. :(
Mom: Bird flu?
Me: You should be so lucky. More like I've been working too hard at uni.
Mom: Maybe it's because you've never worked hard before.
Me: What sympathy. I realise you still have 2 spare daughters if I die, but REALLY. *Shakes head sadly*
Mom: Don't forget the dog.
Go on then. Click on the link. She seldom updates, so keep yourself occupied with the archives which do hold some pretty funny drunken antics and girl-guy stuffs.

Lishun's blog is one that I've actually wanted to plug for a long, long time. This is one blog that does not seek to go out and entertain you with outrageous humour, or whacky stories. Everyone has their own forte, and hers is writing.

The writing style is a perfect example of how I think blogs should be written - short and sweet, and straight to the point without beating around the bush (something that I can never do). You would never imagine of reading a story about a root canal procedure and find it interesting - something that she has done amazingly.

There isn't much that I can write about her blog - no funny jokes to cut and paste here, but if you are looking for something good to read (and I stress: READ), then it doesn't really get much better than this.


are you sure it's not just because i seem to be the one and only fellow man utd fan who reads hantubola, yet don't have enough knowledge to back you up against the horrifying number of scouse contributors? lol.

WAHHH!!! Thank you, thank you!

*Signs away her first born child to you*


Thanks for the links...they look like really interesting blogs to trawl upon.
And great site yourself. Love the tongue-in-cheek humor :)


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