Friday, July 28, 2006

confused souls

I noticed there are a lot of confused people going around pretending they know what they are doing. These buggers seem like a kangaroo that found itself in a jungle.

1) We don't like the mainstream news and prefer an 'alternative' view.

*knocks an asshole dead cold on the head with a sledgehammer*

Hello, mainstream news IS alternative you fucktard. Alternative from yours, that is.

2) Free speech is good! We want to promote 'intellectual' discussions on our blog!

Eh, fuck you la. Intellectual your mum la. When I first started blogging, I thought I could have some kinda cool forum thingy going around in here. It didn't take me long to learn that the Internet is full of idiots. You can NEVER get have any sort of intellectual shit here. The epitome of 'intellectual' blogs is Papa Jeff's of course where you would think sensible people hang out. Apparently not, because some people there think it is possible to sell electricity like a fish in the market and also to export our excess electricity to Cambodia.

3) You disagree with me! You must benefit from the government's policies! You must be an MCA crony!

So does that make you a DAP crony or something?

So you see, when you read blogs of (a lot) of idiots out there, sometimes you don't quite know what to expect.

My blog?

Few things are a dead cert:

1) I advocate free speech....for myself.
2) I am right. If you disagree with me, you are wrong.
3) On second thoughts, you are not allowed to disagree with me.
4) This is because you are most probably a fucking idiot, and I am a genius.


No. 2 is the biggest lie on socialist blogs. Free speech and "intellectual discussions" are purportedly sacred on a socialist blog, until one asks them to explain why they use the term "rakyat" when they really mean "me".

It's like that pig on Animal Farm. I don't mean the one that got chased out; I mean the other one, that eventually turned into the creature which it despised most.


Eh, is it my eyes or there's a group of intellectual people come rushing to this blog to counter you?

Great Maddox refering btw.


lol.. I do tend to stay away from 'intellectual' blogs because most of them spew rubbish anyway. Your arrogance is kinda cute though.

This MCA crony thing a bit old lah. Like how many times have you been accused of that now? 5 fucking billion? Hahahaha. They ought to try something new that might just irk you. ;)

Unless there's a new govt party coming up, I think it will continue to be MCA lah...LOL

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