Friday, July 28, 2006

engineer wanted

You prolly don't understand this, but I just thought of it and I think it is pretty funny (if you get it, of course) - especially if you are a Field Engineer and you don't like the bane of Aircond Engineers.

No explainations provided - I am not in the mood of having my head bitten off by some people I know.

Vacancy Available

Position title : Heat Exchanger Engineer

Qualifications : Fresh graduates, preferably a female who has nice manicured fingers

Job Scope :
1) To co-ordinate the commissioning, start-up and shut down of the office Heat Exchangers.
2) To configure the temperature rise and temperature drop on the Heat Exchangers.
3) To monitor the air flow by calibrating the angle of the exit guide vanes.


lol.. how much are you paying?

lol. i want one too!

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