Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I now know why we face the problems of dirty toilets.

It's because some jakuns stuck in the 2nd century insist of using water to wash their asshole using their barehands, when they should very well keep up with times and use a toilet paper like the rest of us civilised folks.

Yes, yes. Another short post. I HOPE to get a secure net connection in my house within the next couple of weeks. Till then, go read other blogs, so when I update you will enlightened to the fact that every single word you read here is of pure quality.


I always thought it was because of people who don't know how to hose down their stinky shit.

I still insist on using hands to wash the poo poo. XD

I think the issue is not so much abott he water. The issue is that when washing, some do not do it properly resulting in water splashing everywhere.

Aisay... water or paper doesn't matter. I see some people use paper and basically line the entire floor in the cebis2 oso......

Blardy Malaysians..... dunno how to use the shitter properly!!!


2 words cracked me up wei: PURE QUALITY.

Blah blah blah. Hehehehe.


Everyone's just talking shit around these parts. Literally.

We don't know shit lol

alynna : You should hear those words in a Brit accent. It sounds even more awesome.

tigerjoe : That happens everywhere, my friend.


water and toilet paper, both good. both in use at one seating, even better.

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