Saturday, July 01, 2006

hick town

You know you are in a hick town when:

1) You take 2 hours to scout out a house, call the owner, view the place, and sign the deal but it takes you 4 days to find a cybercafe.

2) People actually use INTERNET in cybercafes instead of playing games! GASP! The travesty!

3) You see dusty roads everywhere.

4) You hear more crickets than cars at night.

5) 9 year old kids riding motorbikes is a common sight.

6) Although, chickens are more common a sight.

7) Nobody can speak more than 10 words of English.

8) The only English word frequently used is 'member'

9) McDonalds drive in is the most happening place to be on a Saturday night.

10) They sell fried chicken SKIN and necks in the pasar malams.

But the other day, when I was waiting for the two midgets to turn up for a late night movie in Midvalley, I was waiting on the balcony overlooking the floors below. As I was waiting there, this Malay couple was standing on my right. The guy had greasy hair and was wearing a leather jacket. The girl had horrible perfume and had her face and neck plastered with talcum powder.

On my left was a Chinese couple. The guy had a tight fitting white t-shirt from which his erect nipples were poking out from. His chick had hair up to her butt with streaks of bleached blonde in it (of course!). Thats not forgetting her miniskirt and her 5" platform shoes.

And then I thought...

Fuck it.

Hick town or not, Ahbengs and Mat Motors have infested every crevace of our society.





did your nipples get chewed on last night? was just wondering after reading the hantubola post. hehe.

kim : That's nothing. The other day, I had lunch with THREE midgets, and then later, a FOURTH one joined us for coffee.


scorkes : Uh, no. Attempted. Mine aren't pointy.


That's....sounds like Taman Melati, I am in nine blistering hell hole !!!!

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its common, especially on saturday nights at happening areas, you get to see a couple of hundred morons riding bikes.
Have fun where you are, call me sometime, we can meet up. Jin has my number. see ya...


ahbengs and matmotors think you're a weird rich arrogant nerd and they didn't blog about it. and they said 'fuck it' too.

hahaha...midgets..i like that word...

MIDGETS? MIDGETS? Dude, you're so gonna get it the next time we see you. *growls*

5.....without helmets.

11. No cell phone reception. ;)

12. Everyone gawks at you/your car and asks you if you're from Malaysia (or whichever country Hicksville is in).


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