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You know, this issue has been nagging at me for ages now. If there is one flaw with me, it would be the fact that I cannot let somethings go. Don't get me wrong, I usually let go of things easily. I don't grief much over tragedies. I get over heartaches easily. I reckon my best trait is that I just look at a look at a lot of things and go, "Fuck it."

But still, there are also things I look at and just cannot let go off. Mostly these are issues related to people talking rubbish without knowing they are doing just that. When I am in a good mood, I say, "Look, that's not true mate." Otherwise, I go,"You are talking rubbish mate." And if it gets really bad, its always the case of, "Shut the fuck up la."

It is a disease. I acknowledge that. I just cannot ignore it when someone thinks they know loads, and babbles rubbish. What's even worse is the fact that people actually believe that same rubbish. I blog on the mantra that I know what I am talking about before I actually say it. In the two years writing rubbish on the net, I would like to think that every piece of factual information I have written on it is true. I have never written something I wasn't sure about, but of course, a particular legion of minions of a certain papa-blogger would like to think otherwise, but like I said, it's all a matter of who you want to believe.

But who am I to call myself the chief authority on any matter?

And that is the whole problem. There are loads of stuffs which I know to be a fact, which I try to convey to you, you, and you out there. I know myself to be right. You think not. You know yourself to be right. And so we are both stuck in our little world of recalcitrant behaviour. What I cannot accept are your opinions which I KNOW to be untrue and unfeasable. But because of the way I try to educate you, you brush it aside.

But again, who am I to call my opinion 'the right one'?

Someone online called me a 'cocky bastard' the other day. I was majorly amused because that in itself is as big a paradox as someone I know who describes himself as a 'modest person'. Modesty is a so-called 'good characteristic' in a person, so a modest person would never call themselves modest. Similarly, a cocky bastard like myself KNOWS he is a cocky bastard. I like to think of cockiness as someone being good and knowing it. Not everyone gets to be cocky you know. Idiots aren't called cocky, they are called empty tin cans.

I KNOW I am right.

Still, my downfall is my ever incessant need to right the wrong. Sometimes politely, but mostly cynically. Still, those cynical critisisms of the so called muppets is my way of keeping my sanity. But you cry, "Oooh free speech is GOOD. We encourage free speech! You have a right to an opinion, but you can't be cynical when you critisize us!" You know who says that the most? The typical journalist wannabes and the JeffOoi wannabes (although why anybody wants to be him is totally beyond my scope of understanding).

You are nothing but an armchair critic. How do you think yourself qualified comment on things like fuel hikes? There are complicated mechanisms behind things like that. Things that many people in the industry do not understand, yet how do you think that you, as a random bloke on the street are familiar with? You say that my rage is unjustified. How would you feel if you were a teacher in school and after painstakingly teaching your students that 1 + 2 = 3, and some random looney managed to convince some kids that 1 + 2 is actually 12? And if you let it go on even more, soon the so random looney goes on and tells ALL the kids that it is actually 12.

And the longer and longer you let it be, more and more kids get convinced that 1 + 2 = 12 and we end up with looneys walking the streets. And sooner or later you have the breeded looneys going around spreading word that the teacher is lying and that 1 + 2 = 13. There is nothing you can do but start at the source and bash the fucker's already thick skull with a sledgehammer. And then you have to painstakingly approach all the breeded looneys and cure them, and if that doesn't work out, then you settle for the sledgehammer again.

Goddamit. I just lost it again.

You see, we all have our own kryptonites. This is mine.


You're guilty of the accusations you levelled at everyone else.

If you talk like you do online in real life, some people will make sure you'll lose more than a few teeth.

People like you deserve to be beaten up because you are just too fucking cocky.


Vincent,y u put ur blog name like "b*tch"inglog..it is offended and no good for u image..

Maybe u can changed ur blog name to sumthing that reflect that u are a good chinese guy and for chinese as a whole..



you people actually DO care about me. thanks for the advice. i am so touched.



hi it's me again. before i comment on the actual message you were trying to put across in your post, allow me to once again correct your atrocious grammar. what the hell are "breeded looneys"??? do you by any chance means bred?

you are going on and on about how you are right and how people who disagree with you are wrong. if most people in "the industry" don't understand something, what makes you think YOU understand it?

a great man can identify his mistakes and own up to them. a retard/insane person who lacks mental capacity to think and evaluate will think he is always right.

also, if you want to convince everyone that you are a genius and are always right, please do not make basic grammatical mistakes OR make up your own words, like breeded. it makes you lose credibility, and your words carry less weight.


Steak & chips and a pint of beer is my kryptonite.

1) An anonymous person going "hi it's me again"

2) The same idiot correcting my English but says STUFFS like "do you by any chance means bred?"

This is the kind of thing I need after a long day at work. Now I remember why I started blogging.

The fucking hilarity, I tells ya!

tigerjoe : You have bad English too. It should be 'are my kryptonites'. You wouldn't want grammar nazis picking on you. You would lose credibility and your words carry less weight.


yeah, blogging makes us so fucking HAPPY!

hoegaarden and a hot man in boxer shorts

Malaysia aint so bad after all, no Flickr in UAE, nude sites blocked in China, I read Singapore blocks some nude sites too although I wonder why, it's not like they got so many places to go.

Jio, ganas betul, ehehe.

Hey vincent, I have been reading your blog on and off. There are times when I agree with you and there are times when I don't.

In this case, it is the former.

To me, there are times when I face people who are so stubborn for words. They just choose to believe whatever they want to believe, even if it is outrightly wrong. How many times have I told some people that: "Believing in something doesn't always make it right" Somehow people just vehemently accept it, to the point where you don't even want to argue back, as it would be a waste of time.

The best/worst (depending how sarcastic you feel like) part of it is that they don't want to come up with a proper argument for it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but somehow there are times where I have to say :Screw Opinion. Your opinion is flawed and not justified, with your only justification being your beliefs. How does that even hold water?

Come to think of it, it sounds a lot like faith.


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