Monday, July 03, 2006

morons everywhere

Request number 1. You know me in real life. You know where I am. Please do not disclose my location online. I will do so myself if and when I am in the mood to do so. Pictures would follow. But not for now, kapish? Thank you folks.

Not having a permanent Internet connection, and not being free for the next few days, I decided not to write another post whacking socialists and uninformed journalist wanna-bes. This is because there are a lot of morons out there (not to mention the earlier bunch) who might muck up my comments. That said, I seldom ever delete comments

I was reading the news the other day with a contemptious disbelieve.

Owner of 25 dogs tries to save pets from death


SEREMBAN: In an attempt to save his 25 dogs from Seremban Municipal Council enforcement officers, a dog owner packed 10 of them into his car and tried to drive off.

While reversing his car, he allegedly hit the motorcycle of one of the officers who had gone to his terrace house in Taman Desa Rasah early yesterday to nab the animals.

Eng Her Sun, 66, said he was just trying to save his dogs when he drove out with the animals.

However, he was unable to save 13 of his other pets from the dog shooters.

"They (the dogs) are my best friends. Is it wrong for me to keep them in my own house? Now, I have lost all my happiness," said Eng, who was near tears.

He claimed the officers had trespassed into his home and was contemplating legal action against them.

Council president Abdul Halim Abdul Latif, however, said his officers were acting on a court order. They were accompanied by four dog shooters from the state Veterinary Services Department and two police officers.

The situation, he added, became chaotic when the dog owner turned aggressive.

He said yesterday’s operation was carried out after the owner defied a six-month grace period given to him to move the animals to another area. The council had received a court order on Dec 20 last year to cull all 25 canines in the house.

Abdul Halim said the council had no choice but to act in view of the mounting complaints received from nearby residents on the disturbance caused by, and foul stench from, the canines.

Shooting dogs?

Not one dog, mind you....13 dogs!?!?

Goddamit. I curse the stupidity of the Veterinary Services mumbo-jumbo.





Everybody knows that you can't shoot animals if you want to eat it later. A slit of the throat would have been more appropriate.


I saw this in the papers last week, and laughed out loud. Really.

The man's neighbours are apparently fed up with 25 barking mongrels, and have sicced the town council on the feller. The council council have even gotten the necessary death warrants signed by a judge, but I can see them being blamed by dog-loving moralistas.

Now, if I were his neighbour, I would launch a covert midnight operation. I'd call the operation Ops Vietnamese Satay.


I don't know what to say but every dog owner should know that the more dogs they have the more heartache they experience. The owner must be trying to do an orgy perhaps ?

After reading the news I am seriously worry about my 2 years old black labrador in kota Bharu cause sooner or later the local council will get high on drug, bust into my house and go all anal rampage on it just because it's a nigga.:/

And it's kinda irony that the link to my blog starts to sound quite disturbing.


halal dog meat... yummy... for muslim koreans

woops. sorry about that one, vincent. that was unintentional, and on hindsight, pretty stupid on my part.

25 dogs, the owner is crazy. I would shot the owner instead of the innocent dogs.

If the owner was near tears, he was probably being genuine by saying they were his only family and such. So sad :( Why did they have to shoot the dogs! :( Or they could at least offer temporary shelter so the owner can find a bigger and more secluded place. But bahh, he was given notice since Dec. yea? Hmmm. Maybe he doesn't know better...

Poor dogs.


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