Friday, July 14, 2006


Don't you people know that in the Malaysian Blogosphere, only ShaolinTiger, KimberlyCun, Minishorts and VincentLau are the only people who are authorised to start blog wars?

There are real wars going on in other parts of the world, you know...


you damn fucking boliao can? *BIG THWACK ON COCONUT SHELLED HEAD*

tinggal kat hick town terlalu free tak tau nak buat apa with all that grey matter issit? BODOH SIAL!



(ambiguity intended so that whom I'm siding with is open for interpretation)


eh my link on your blog can change to http://spankyouverymuch.blogdrive.com PLEASEEEEEE...MUAH...

was reading NST this morning. about www.monsterblog.com.my and hoping so much i'd found ur name in it.

none. *grrr*

nevertheless, your web is still one of my fav.


you forgot Peter Tan too... :D

Hey fat boy, wanna wrestle ? XD

;) how's gerbing?

your crybaby is leaving manyoo because of the european war...


funny u should say that. i don't think you're in the same league to begin with.

Apparently there are top flight blog wars, and then there are lower division blog wars.

I'm stocking up on green fanta.


tilia : Later la. Lazy.

ebb : There used to be a time when I was a n00b blogger and got pissed when I read the papers and saw certain idiots being showcased. But I have been blogging long enough to know that cronyism exists everywhere, and I've accepted rubbish like that long ago.

deuce : Oh hi. I haven't seen you in a long time. Thanks for the compliment anyway. People have always told me that I am in a league of my own. Quite a high up league, too.

tigerjoe : Ah, and then there are blog wars waged by socialist journalist wannabes. Those are the lowest kind imaginable.


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