Thursday, July 20, 2006

selling souls

I spent the better part of last night watching Pirates. Contrary to popular belief, hick town can be quite happening if the stowns are in the mood for it. Like yesterday, the cinema was sold out for all 3 shows at night.

Pirates wasn't a great show. It was more of a cool show. It was funny, it had ugly people, beautiful people, had the right amounts of fighting - all the necessary stuffs for a cool show. Best of all, I love shows that make you think a little.

The show centered pretty much on the question of 'how far are you willing to go to sell your soul?' - both figuratively and literally. How far are you willing to go to betray your friends for your benefit? How big a sacrifice are you willing to make for your loved one? How much suffering are you prepared to endure to ensure a better future?

The credits rolled, the awesome theme song played, and I walked out of the cinema. Walking out alongside me were a rather odd couple. We've all seen them before. The guy - a white guy who was fat and ugly walking hand in hand with a young pretty Asian girl. We all know the deal behind that. He is lonely and wants her for her meat. She is poor and wants him for the greenbacks.

Don't get me wrong. As much as I think it is disgusting, it is not my life to dictate and certainly not my place to question their intentions. I have mentioned this before. Everybody makes their own choices, and everybody does what they need to do. Kay and I have talked about this till wits end before - and we both came to a conclusion that we wouldn't do it, ever. Except for a small BUT. But we have never been put in such a situation. We have never faced such a predicament. Put any of us in their shoes, and any one of us (including you out there) might just do it if we are desperate enough.

Still, this was a little weird for me. This guy was ugly. He was fat and bald. Never mind that. A lot of people are fat and bald. He was crude. He looked like a roughneck bulldog. He wasn't that well dressed, and I guess that he probably isn't that rich in the first place. The girl isn't exactly the sweetest young thing you would see either. We usually get flusterred when we see such situations because the girl is usually so hot she could have any guy she wanted. Not her though. She was young, yes. But she wasn't that attractive. A bit chubby, too. But that didn't mean that she should settle for a bulldog.

He tried to have a conversation with her about the movie - with the most appropriate line, "It's about how far you are willing to go to sell your soul." She didn't reply a word. He's a Scouser. No doubt about that. You could recognise the accent from a million miles away. I had problems understanding him. I doubt a stown girl would. She nodded her head in agreement. She probably nodded along to a lot of things he said - most definately in bed too.

For the record, I shall say that my heart wept for her. Everybody should have the chance to go out with someone they really love. Nobody should have to stoop so low. She did. You could probably say that he did too. But you see, I am saying all this because I have never been thrust into that situation. I hope I will never be. And that set my mind thinking really deeply. What if ONE day...ONE day I find myself in their shoes. What if one day you found yourself in their shoes?


How far are you willing to go to sell your soul?


At the moment, I am willing to sell my soul to get my thesis all done with. Heh.

On the other hand, I would rather be poor and with a gorgeous guy to be rich and with an ugly fat guy. That's how shallow I am.

My heart truly goes out to that poor girl.


vincent what abt siti nurhaliza? she also rich but going with wrinkly old man, whats ur view?

It's such irony that dear Siti believes in "being good and get good husband" whatchamalit while marrying to a man who soon-to-be-impotent.

And I am still quite pissed about my hometown female school mate who chose to ran away with a bastard.


Its been a year plus. No signs of yielding. The amount of time we spend waiting for the ones we love.. Sometimes I wonder if its worth it.

Call me shallow or whatever..


I sold mine for a crate of beer and two steak dinners.

my soul? bidding starts at one 1 litre bottle of absolut.

no comment on the chick, tho. i guess some have that little racist problem going for them, u know, like how 'white' is always better than 'coloured'. perhaps it's a status symbol for them, who knows.


Vincent Lau,

I think I'm falling in love with you.


kat : Then again, if you were rich, you could take that money and make him get plastic surgery.

anon1 : Siti is hot and an awesome singer. Unfortunately, shes not very bright up there.

yung : Is he a real bastard? Or is he one because he stole her from you?

tan : My love sick friend...what are you talking about? One year for??

tigerjoe : I know what you sold it for - for some Russian kids to go hungry so that Chelsea can go around buying everybody. Haha!

jin : White and coloured? I dont know man. What about greenbacks?

anon2 : Get with the flow, woman. Everybody who reads this blog is already IN LOVE with me. Thinking about falling in love just ain't going to cut it.


erm ..

how do u know that anon2 is a woman? :P


why do you keep on saying "stuffs"?? "stuff" is already plural, you retard. how can you claim to be a genius when you make such a basic grammatical error? i think you might be mildly retarded...

if "anonymous" were the same person...he/she is one schizo.

anyhoo, i'd rather be single for life than have to be that desperate. i know people aren't meant to be lonely and that loneliness can lead to all sorts of desperate measures, but i'd rather carry that sadness with myself than get a brief reprieve with someone who is as sad as i am.

i'd perhaps sell my soul for a happy life of helping people here on earth, but never for a substitute for love.


Funny how people can talk about gramatical errors and not understand the simple concept of putting capital letters at the start of every sentence. Something like this.

You would be asshole #316693 to point that out to me. The more astute of you would realise that this is how I WANT TO SAY IT.

STUFFS is my style. Nobody says 'stuffs' like I do. Of course you can scream that I am not allowed to create my own language, but you are not a genius, so naturally you can't.


Dude, you got all that from Pirates? I was just busy drooling at my hubby-to-be! :)

Anyway, was reading your blog and man, you certainly have an interesting clientele who visits!!!

How's life anyway?


Oops, grammatical error there, it's visit, not visits! hahaha.. ;)

well, the more astute people out there will also realise that this is how i like to start my sentences, you stupid piece of shit. by the way, i am not done with you. i shall now move on to your latest post to comment. thank you.

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