Tuesday, July 11, 2006

social etiquette

The story goes...

I was wandering around the office today trying to look busy when one of the managers called me into his room. Now, this guy is one of 'ze important peepur' in my company. He is infact my boss' boss' boss. After a slight chit chat and banter of how I seem to be enjoying Hicksville, he then suggested some nasi dagang for lunch.

I duly obliged and trugged along making very formal conversation on the way. And during lunch, I was sure to practice good table manners. You know, the simple stuffs. Sit properly. Tear the chicken slowly. No gobbling down of food. No doing funny things with the straw that comes with the teh o ais limau kosong. (You don't know me well enough if you don't know what I do to straws after my meal...chewing is a severe understatement).

Now, we had our nasi dagang in a roadside gerai, so as you can imagine (or can you?) there were loads of cats roaming about. It is common knowledge that I am no animal lover, but I can at least tolerate dogs. Cats, on the other hand deserve to go extinct. I hate cats more than I hate Liverpool, and that's making a very profound statement.

As the story would have it, the cat walked up to my leg and started circle my feet several times. Of course, its tail kept touching my legs and that started to irritate me. Now, ordinarily, I would have violently used my legs to push it away. Contrary to popular believe, I am not a violent person and I only kick animals as a last resort.

I was being put in a tight spot here. I tried to push the cat away gently, hoping that my lunch companion would not notice since we were still talking about some important stuffs which I should be paying attention to. I don't recall reading any social etiquette book teaching someone how to deal with a cat humping your leg when talking to a big big boss. Despite several nudges, the cat kept coming back and kept brushing its tail against my leg. Finally, I pushed it away with my steel toe cap boots , maybe a little too hard.

As it turns out, the last 'kick' made the cat jump onto the boss' leg.

The good man looked down, saw the cat, muttered, "Kucing sial......" and KICKED the way you would volley a football. The cat landed 3 feet away and never bugged me after that.

Lesson learnt. Trust the management to get the job done.

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You and your stupid straw mutilating habits... rubbed off on me as well summore...

Bad karma dude. You don't say no to pussies.

Next time you don't get any.


ur boss ganas siot...

If he can kick the cat, imagine what if he could do to you. >:]

Donald trump should do that.

At least you now know that he's no cat lover either.

It's always good to have things in common with the boss' boss' boss. I think the appropriate cliche is:

Leadership by example.


the boss gets the job done the most effective way.

by the way, I think it's a matter of time before some random animal-lover will come and write some dumb stuff in the comments box, like proposing jail sentence for kicking a cat or something. Bleh.


i still don't know how you two wankers can mutilate the straw like that....
i still can;t bloody do it


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