Monday, July 31, 2006

what would you do?

A farmer and his son are taking their donkey to the market to be sold. As they trudge along the dirt road guiding the donkey along the narrow path, they run into some villagers.

A villager shouts, "Old man you fool! Can't you see your son is struggling? What good is the donkey? Let the kid ride on the beast!"

The farmer gave some thought and thought it to be a good idea. So, he let his little son ride on the donkey, and off they were down the dirt path. They didn't get far till they got to another village, where they were rudely interrupted.

"Oi, you spoilt brat! Your poor father is exhausted and you are still riding on the donkey? Get on your young legs and let the old man take a break!"

And so, another logical suggestion, and another new course of action..........until the next town, of course.

"You idiots! A donkey is a beast of burden! Why don't the both of you mount it?"

Father and son smack themselves on the forehead. Of course! What a no-brainer! Why didn't we think of that earlier? Let's both get on the donkey and make our way to the market, pronto! They do just that, and as you would guess, they get more suggestions as they enter the town in which they are to sell the beast.

"You fools! The donkey looks tired! How are you going to fetch a good price for it? Best you carry it on your shoulders to the market place!"

And as the story goes, hearing so many suggestions and possibilities, father and son take this into account and it makes just as much sense as the rest. They figure - they've tried everything, so why not give it a shot?

So, father and son both carry the said donkey on their backs and to the market place they went. Of course, as you would imagine, everybody laughed at them on the way and in the end, nobody would buy the donkey because they all thought the donkey was so weak that it had to be carried.

Take this as a prelude for my next post. I haven't written anything of substance in a fairly long time and I am actually struggling with it. I think it is safe to say that everybody knows the moral of the story.

But knowing what the story tells you is moot if you don't know how to apply it in real life. Some of you will look at this as a normal Aesop Fable that you heard of a million times when you were a kid. Others will look at this and understand where I am going with all this.

Seriously though, before I write the next post, I am actually quite interested to hear what you would have done with the donkey. Would people's suggestions have affected you? Did the last reasoning of 'not making the donkey look tired' seem reasonable?


thank you for giving me a reason to slack off at work LOL.

i vote for the first option, where father son and the donkey walk. personally, i think in this case the saying 'too many cooks spoil the broth' applies, as everyone has a different opinion of how things should be done. and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

btw, the 'making the donkey look tired' thing sounded like an attempt at sabo-ing the fella. =P


They can say all they want but at the end of the day, it is I, who will bear the consequences of my decisions, not them. But of course, their suggestions might affect me, affect me in a way where I'd be kicked to think about it. Some ppl however, just follow blindly. I would've just walked with the donkey and my father.

Agree with s-kay said. Some suggestions are worth to be considered and it would affect me at some time.

But , I would just throw out other suggestions if it is not logical. So probably, I would put my old man on the donkey and just ignore them.


I will sit on the donkey with my dad coz to walk the donkey is too luxury for me and i dont think i can afford that lah..hahhaha

it seems reasonable, if someone asked me that 15 years ago.

but now, I dont think so.

the moral of the story is, there will always be people who always tries to please others, maybe in this age too.


Opinions are meant to be heard,but the final decision is still up to you.
However there is no doubt some opinions will cloud ones judgement resulting in a confusion.

As for the reasoning, what an ASS.


why fix something if it isn't broken? in the 1st senario where all 3 (the man, boy & donkey) are walking, the journey has not been affected.

the outsiders (busy bodies/kepochi) decided to butt in with their own wonderful opinions along the way and this messed up the whole purpose.

so in response to your questions:

Would people's suggestions have affected you?
No, because my purpose was still attainable at that point of time without any changes being necessary

Did the last reasoning of 'not making the donkey look tired' seem reasonable?
This seems like a last ditch attempt to salvage some value after the damage had been done by the previous suggestions. Whilst the suggestion does seem reasonable, they should have put him down before he became visible by potential buyers.

Once something is messed up, we tend to take measures to over-compensate for our previous actions. these end up messing up the 'thing' but in the opposite direction... kind of like a skidding car, that veers left and right and left and right because the driver is swinging his steering wheel in opposite directions trying to steady the car. it becomes extremely difficult to find a balance.


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