Thursday, July 06, 2006

wild sex

Surprise surprise!

There really is NOTHING to do in a hick town!

Out of boredom, I turned to Wild Sex. No, I did not have some wild sex with random AhLians. I do not wish for my children to grow up with blonde hair. It was a show on National Geographic channel about the sexual behaviours of certain animals.

Dya know...

The African wolf (if I remember correctly) is unlike most mammals. Instead of going limp after an orgasm like the rest of us (and by us, I mean humans and other animals), the male's penis actually gets stuffed with more blood, hence enlarging itself while still inside the vixen's cheebye. It results in the poor bugger getting stuck in there, not being able to pull out, sometimes up to a good one hour after blowing his wad.

And more interestingly, male dolphins reach sexual maturity by the age of 10. However, they don't usually become fathers until they are 25. But fret not, those buggers actually spend those 15 years with a lot of practice! They are known to practice in self excitation practices by rubbing their (odd shaped) penises agaisnt various stuffs like corals and other animals like turtles, sharks, and even humans! And even with all those sexual perversions, those smart little buggers aren't exactly satisfied. They (the males) usually have another MALE companion whom they swim around rubbing against each other. This brings a whole new defination to 'you scratch my back, I scratch yours'.

I don't know about you, but that's pretty gay.

This, folks, is our lesson of the day brought to you from the B*tchingLOG.



would you rather be a wolf
or would you rather be a dolphin?

honest answer please


i like to rub mine against the wall

I wanna be a rabbit.

memang gay betul

its truly gay!

but it does sound like half the coll guys in dorms who molest each by calling it "friendly touch"


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