Friday, August 04, 2006

God's paradox

There was once this little boy with the curiosity of a hundred cats and the inquisitiveness of a thousand monkeys. And for such a character, we shall bestow upon him the honourable name of Vincent.

Now, Vincent was a kid who would pick up the newspapers and read of all sorts of problems in the world. Wars. Epidemics. Fighting. Protests. Even more wars. Not content with not being able to do anything to solve all these problems, Vincent became very easily distressed. See, Vincent used to make fun of beauty queens who all seemed to want 'world peace'. But in this present day, suddenly 'world peace' doesn't seem like quite a stupid thing to wish for. Along with 'world peace' maybe God will throw in 'no more suffering' to complete the Christmas package.

And so, greatly distressed over what he read in the papers and watched on TV, Vincent decided to go and see God - despite being a staunch disbeliever. When God finally granted him an audience, Vincent was eager to start berating Him over his inadequecies.

"Oh God, don't you see what is going on in the world - in your world?!" Vincent asked.

"Ah yes my child," He answered. "Of course I see it. And I share your pain"

"Then why aren't you doing anything about it? You are after all, omnipotent!" demanded Vincent.

"I certainly wish I was omnipotent, my child," God replied quietly. "Then I could fix everything. I once thought I was all powerful and everything, but it took a midget, no less, to show me that there was a certain paradox behind power"

"What could a midget - a freak of nature, do to show You, the All Mighty God that you are not as powerful as we believe?"

God then proceeded to tell the story of how a midget once challenged His omnipotence by asking Him to create a rock so large that even He could not lift. This was of course a paradox and God could perform no such feat without contradicting the other. The midget then told God that she realised His inadequecies by looking at herself in the mirror. You see, no all powerful God would create such an imperfect creation.

With that, Vincent realised that God was just doing the best he could. Vincent understood that no God would want to see suffering or diseases. Wars are men's battles - not God's. How could he possibly interfere without taking sides? Without causing suffering to both parties? Diseases are God's creation to control the human population. Without diseases, everybody would live to a 100 and the world would be overpopulated and then people would eventually die of starvation. Thus, the paradox. The dilemma. One way or another, humans would suffer.

And before waking from his dream where he was talking to God, Vincent asked one final question, "And what became of the midget?"

"She said she still loved me. That she understood that I tried to do my best - it clearly wasn't good enough but it was the best I could do"

Next post : What I am actually babbling about.


Amen, brother...


No where close, my good doctor.

Another midget?

Well said.

the midget is none other than Xiaxue...

I'm sure my bible class teacher told me this story once.

But it made me understand lots of things.


oh~ one of my best bed-time story along these 21 years, and certainly i can't believe it was not told by any of older generations i knew of, but merely one year older senior of mine with a mentality way beyond this tender age.
And here found one of the messanger from God. And one of the purpose he came with.


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