Sunday, August 27, 2006

good point

If it were up to my politicians, I would not be called a patriotic person.

I don't own a flag that proudly display on my work station. I don't have a flag which I pin to my car, quite simply because I think it causes a lot of drag which would then lead to higher fuel consumption, and if you believe the socialists out there, that would lead me to becoming a pauper since I have to pay through my nose for all that extra petrol.

I was looking for a Malaysian flag a few months ago, but that was because I wanted to go watch Malaysia play MyTeam and I figured it would be useful for when some kinda sporting event comes along and I could bring it with me. But it never did cross my mind to fly the flag during Merdeka season. In fact, I was no different from the rest of you.

"I don't need to fly a flag just to show my patriotism!"

True, that. Why the need for a hypocratic show of patriotism when all we need is to feel it in our hearts?

But then, I read something today that really made sense. Ironically, it was in the 'Letters to the Editor' section of the newspapers - something that I constantly mock for being the stupidest section in the entire newspaper.

The writer noted that we all decorate our homes during Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas - whatever festival it is that we celebrate. So why is it that we get angry when someone asks us to fly a flag?

Decorating my house with red angpow envelopes and hanging up new year cards certainly does not make me any more Chinese than I already am, but I still do it anyway. Similarly, if we keep talking about Bangsa Malaysia and we are really interested in it, then why is it that we do not 'decorate' our houses for the one celebration that we all have in common?

I guess a good question then erupts from that good point - are we, as citizens truly interested in giving birth to a new Bangsa Malaysia or do we want to remain segregated by our races forever?


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