Wednesday, August 30, 2006

malaysia hari ini

Take the title literally as it is. Malaysia today. TODAY.

I was watching the Discovery Channel just now and the Extreme Engineering segment featured our very own SMART Tunnel which is being built as you read this. That's something to be proud off.

I am sitting typing this in my house which is in the middle of nowhere. In the background, drowning out the music from my speakers are crickets in the kebun in front of my house. I swear it is mating season and they are getting cranky. Still, in the middle of a jungle, I am typing this with a broadband connection.

Today's papers carried a story about some politicians wanting to legalise mat motors as we know it. This was surprising because I didn't think that our leaders would ever subscribe to such an 'unconventional' method. Despite the initial protests and WTFs, I honestly hope that it does work out. I always think the best way to combat vice is to legalise it so you have a better control of it.

Maybe then, it would give rise to other forms of legal vice. Legalise prostitution to weed out sex slaves and combat STD. Hand out free needles to druggies would help prevent AIDS. Give condoms to teenages to prevent unwanted teenage pregnancies. I could go on further and explain what the benefits of legalising vice are, but I trust that you are all smart enough to figure it out.

My point is that it takes a mature society to look at the bigger picture of things. The journey is long and tedious, but I think we are getting there. Slowly and in time, though.

That was a short post because I have been damn busy. I will be working on Merdeka day even, all the way till the end of September. I would still like to think I am having fun though.

If you haven't signed up for Project Happy Malaysia, what are you waiting for??

Let me know if your name is not on the list, or if you know someone who is doing it but isn't listed yet.


It has been brought to my attention that some people find it hard to understand such a simple concept. Do you really need me to spell out everything??! This has NOTHING to do with who ever I support in the government, you retards. It is a social issue, not a political one.

Maybe I was kidding myself after all...

You legalise prostitution not because you encourage it. You do it to protect women. Most of the time, the prostitutes get abused by pimps - that is nothing new. Can they report it? No, because they are sex workers and hey, they have an illegal profession. What right do they have to tell the client that they want to use a condom? When you legalise prostitution, you effectively weed out the evil pimps because the prostitutes can work for themselves.

Prostitutes in Amsterdam pay taxes, just like everybody else, and they have to go for a mandatory STD check up every few months or so. With that you can reduce the number of HIV/AIDS cases going around since a prostitute with the disease cannot get her license, and hence from the customer's point of view - no one would take up the services of a prostitute who doesn't have a license. Why would they, since there are loads of legal prostitutes out there??

You give out free needles to druggies not because you want to encourage them to inject more rubbish in their veins. You do that because you want to stop them from re-using their old needles and sharing those needles with other druggies.

You give teenagers free condoms not because you think it is an awesome idea to let kids screw around at an early age. You do it because you understand that they do it anyway - so better to let them have it and you can prevent unwanted teen pregnancies.

Lastly, you legalise Mat Rempits so that you can control them. If you give them a place to race, they wouldn't need to do it on the streets at 2 am and disturb your sleep. They wouldn't need to do it on a main road and endanger innocent passerbys (and themselves). Do you not think it amazing that they can somehow modify their kap chais to reach speeds of up to 200km/h??

There. I've explained it.

Did you learn something new today?


Blogdrive is stuck. This is my blog for now. Go go, I've done your project. :) Albeit a little early, but you have to forgive me. I am after all Internet-deprived!

Okay, never mind. Blogdrive loves me again. ;) It's over at my normal blog.


Count me in for Project Happy Malaysia




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vincent, u can forget abt legalized prostitution in m'sia becoz it is muslum country and they forced and imposed their muslum laws on non-muslum malaysians as well...yiak!!!

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