Monday, August 28, 2006

oh, marvin!

Someone remarked the other day that my Project Happy Malaysia was very 'Vincent'. That is true, I reckon in a certain sense. For some reason I take it upon myself to make people happy. That is what I do. I exist to provide joy, to spread laughter all around - sometimes at my expense. A close friend asked me the other day why I make myself sound like a court jester.

I don't know. "Who shall humour the jester?" she asked.

There isn't any need to. I am happy person if you didn't already notice. It is hard to piss me off, although, like every human being I tend to lose it once a while. That said, my anger doesn't really last.

This project of mine has been called many things - from great to self-delusional. Truth is, I don't really care. This is my way of hoping to change things. I do it because I believe that if I can spread the joy more often, somethings will change for the better. I of course do not believe that I can wipe out corruption with a bunch of stories or foster unbreakable bonds between the races with a bunch of stories. But I do believe that inspirational stories can sometimes change a person. And even if they don't a little Chicken Soup for the Soul can't exactly do anybody any harm, can it?

The problem with a lot of us out there is that we tend to emulate Marvin the Paranoid Android. Despite what some people want to believe, feeling happy has nothing to do with deluding yourself. I would be the first to acknowledge our problems. I have said this a million times before - we HAVE serious problems. Never mind our country, since when has complaining solved any of our personal problems?

Has it rained gold if we complained that we don't have enough money to buy an iPod?

Yesterday, as I was reading a particular blog post written by one such Marvin, I felt pity. Marvin was slagging off the project as a self-delusional tool by people (me, I presume) who only serve to line the fat pockets of politicians.

At that moment, that particular moment, I had a selfless thought. There is no cynicism or sarcasm in this, no metaphors even. If a genie had come up to me and offered me one wish - it would be with a hope that people like that would have the privillege of waking up one day, stepping out of their houses, taking a deep breathe of air and fill their lungs with the scent of sweet smelling roses. What they chose to do from then on would be totally up to them, of course.

That was my Merdeka wish at that very moment.

(of course that moment is now over and should a genie appear I would ask for a 100 billion dollars)


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No mood for arguments.

It might make me depressed.

I don't like being depressed.


ha ha i don't like being depressed as well. um.. vincent what's the point to ask for 100 billion dollars? your life will be at stake... and um... i don't think you are able to spend that much... and i prefer your selfless thought :) if a genie comes to me, i would like to make people around me happy or the whole world happy ha ha as since there is no unhappy thing, you are happy as well :)


man yours is a heavy site,

but sounds interesting

I'll be back when I can read better !


Heh and give me a billion please thanks bai.

Yeah sometimes your posts give such great imspiration.


The reason people ditch your project is they chose to believe that it's not worth to be happy at all. I find it rather amused that things will sure go downhill if they themselves never try to make the situation "happier". Screw malay, screw indian chinese, kaninia CCB, I am sick of the name-calling I see/read in everyday life, yes I am talking about you LOWYAT FORUMERS !!!!!

tell me tell me.. how can i know whether is there any firework display on the eve of Merdeka in Putrajaya ?

how about parade on Merdeka day ?



If people actually read newspapers, they'd know where this year's main celebration and parade will be at.

Q: What kind of Malaysian doesn't know where to find the fireworks in Klang Valley on Merdeka Eve?

A: The type who only stays indoors, reads blogs all day long and doesn't bother to find out what exactly is going on in town.

By the way, if you really don't know it, the bestest fireworks on Merdeka Eve are at Putrajaya Lake, Dataran Merdeka and KLCC. In no particular order.


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