Friday, August 25, 2006


So far, I have a (small) list of takers for Project Happy Malaysia. Last year's kempen was nothing short of amazing. I still wonder how we managed to get 73 people to tag along. Still, I do not expect the same number of takers this year, as was evident by a lot of the comments here and on other blogs, we Malaysians are a pessimistic lot.

Nonetheless, here is the initial list of people who have pledged to follow through with this on Merdeka Day (although some of them said they MIGHT do it):

  1. Bawang Merah (Darker Side of Saturn)

  2. Chris (Blog Bodoh)

  3. Chucky Wolfe (Eat me)

  4. Cynical Idealist (Cynical Idealistic Eyes)

  5. David Lai (MYeee BLOG)

  6. Din (Dinzlink)

  7. Eyeris (Eye on Everything)

  8. Fireangle (Fireangel)

  9. Galnexdor (Poetically Me)

  10. Hyelbaine (Baine's World)

  11. Jayelle (Little Girl in a Reverie)

  12. Jed (Rants Never Sound Better)

  13. Jen (Dare You Read On?)

  14. June (June x 2)

  15. Kervin (Thousand Words : Snapshots of Life)

  16. Lishun (Lishun's Musings)

  17. Maggie (What The F*CK?)

  18. Matthew (The Room of Thoughts)

  19. Melvyn (Are You In, Or Out?)

  20. Michelle (Miss Michy)

  21. Minishorts (minishorts.net)

  22. Monk (Monkticon's Probe)

  23. Philters (Whereinsoever)

  24. Revel in Me (Revel In Me...)

  25. Scorkes (Scorkes)

  26. Simon (Simon Talks)

  27. S-Kay (Going [Wild] & Glowing [Charm])

  28. Stev (Stev Blogs)

  29. Suanie (As Suanie Sees It)

  30. Tan Yee Hou (10^3=1000)

  31. Visithra (There Is No Blog)

  32. Yapthomas (It Is Just Not About Me)

  33. Yasmin (A Reason For Everything)

  34. Yunik (Ayunik::Bebel)

  35. Zyrin (Amende?)

And myself of course.........

It's not exactly a huge list, but it's a nice list to have nonetheless. Do leave a comment if you are going to do it, and if you could spread the word through your blogs, I would appreciate it very much. You could even use the thumbnail and the poster if you want to.

On a final note, Philters has already written her story (first of many, it seems). Personally, I don't know whether it is because of the project (and hence I might be biased), but I can honestly say that it is by far the best written blog post I have read in a long, long time.

Do check it out folks and keep them coming!


Count me in. I *might* do it.



I'm in.

er.. maybe?

hye Vincent,

since i missed last year kempen berblog dalam BM, i'll try to join this year punye projek Happy Malaysia :)

and will try to spread the words in my so called blog huhu

oraiti.c ya later on hari jadi kerajaan yah =)


yup. count me in too. i have to decide which story to tell though. =)

and your banners are so big lah.


well done ar, mr vincent Lau :P


I don't know if you can count this in, but it makes me happy when I think about it.


I'll write another one on my own site.


I'll do it. I've got a story for it already, and will type it up soon. :p


Count me in too.


reenzmi : I couldn't find a link to your blog in your profile page.

yes, philters has written a story but its a HERS not HIS...;)

that's miss philters to you, young man! ha.



Hi there.
Will be giving it a shot. :)


here here.. me me me

Count me in too! :)

I'm in. It's in my draft already. I'll publish it at 0.00am on Merdeka Day.

Had done it. Glad to do it.




Heh, count me in as well..missed it last year due to NS, but will be glad to do it now..

im in.

I'm in. I lost a piece of my heart in Malaysia so I wish the best for all who live there.

count me in.. my names not listed

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