Sunday, August 20, 2006

tough shit

My one week holiday seemed longer than that and I actually managed to get some productive 'work' done while bumming around. I also managed to find time to pay the little Scouts a visit, as I usually do on a Saturday morning when I should be in bed.

Somehow, after not attending those Saturday morning meetings in a while, I had for only the second time in the 13 years of being a scout went for a meeting without my complete uniform. Turns out I forgot the damn belt.

Usually, when the kids forget their uniform (any part of it), I get very irritated. Anybody who has been in a uniformed body will tell you that the punishment for an incomplete uniform are push-ups. Well, sod that shit called leadership by example - I was not going to award myself some 10 push-ups or whatever the hell is going rate is these days.

As I walked to the meeting area, I pulled out my shirt a little while it still remained tucked-in and hoped that none of them would notice anything, and even if they did - hope that they did not have the balls to say anything. Kids these days have serious issues. In my day, if my scoutmaster ever wore yellow socks with a crumpled shirt, we would just keep quiet and bitch about it amongst ourselves later. These days, they have the audacity to challenge (or God forbid, SCOLD) you. I still can't decide if it is a good thing or not.

True to my predictions, none of them raised an issue even though I was pretty damn sure they all saw (or rather, didn't see) my absent belt. Until my troopleader, a pudgy little Form 4 kid whose squeaky voice I swear sounds the same as it was when I first met him. This kid irritates me for a good reason - and I've told him this a million times. In Form 1, I earmarked him as a kid with potential because unlike the other kids, he wasn't shy to talk. He talked a lot of rubbish, as would be expected from a 13 year old kid, but at least he did talk. 3 years on, and he still talks the same rubbish without a hint of change.

He approached me and went, "Where's your belt?"

No "Sir", no salute. Nada.

Fine. My bad. My mistake. Bite your tongue and drag yourself out of this shit, Vincent.

I don't care what man-mangement school teaches leadership and other ridiculous stuffs, but in my book, leadership qualities cannot be taught to any idiot on the street. Some things are pure instinctive, like my answer:

"At home."

No hessitation. No blinking. No apologies. I caught the prick off guard.

"Huh? At home?"

"Yes, at home."

"Eeyer, so unfair. How come you don't get punishment one?"

"Well, tough shit Justin. Who the hell told you life was fair? One day when you start working you'll find that you will get fucked in the ass if you walk into the office 5 minutes late but it is okay if your boss walks in 1 hour late. And guess what? He gets paid 5 times more than you."


"No buts. Tough shit. Deal with it. I shit on your head, you pass the shit down to the patrol leaders, they pass the shit down to the members."

"And the members?"

Well, they'll just have to hold that shit till next year when some more members come in and then they can pass the shit on."

"So you mean when you are not here and I forget to bring my uniform, I don't have to do push-ups?"

"No, dumbass. I mean, when you are at the top, you get to decide what you want to do with the shit that is in your hands."

I think I've already decided. Allowing them to speak out isn't such a bad thing after all.

On a sidenote, I'll be launching this year's Merdeka Day project in the next couple of days. We had a shit load of fun last year with the Belog BM thingy (on the sidebar if you missed it). This year, I am going for more of a feel-good project.

Stay tuned.


Mmm something to teach us the meaning of Merdeka? Honestly, with all the history lessons back in secondary school, I 'know' but I don't feel Merdeka.

despite being a firm believer in "leadership by example", i also do not agree that leaders should be subject to the same disciplinary action as their, erm, subjects because it's just wrong for a leader to be humiliated in front of the people he's leading. so good on you, and not so good on the kid. although his spunk may serve him well in the future or whatever, his lack of respect kind of disgusts me. it WAS a scouts' meeting, after all. he should not have been so rude to you.

drtan : Not feeling it is okay. As long as you don't diss it like some assholes I've seen.

lishun : Times change. If kids these days can scream at their teachers, what's stopping them from screaming at me? A uniform? I doubt it. It sucks, but leadership is about adapting to changes - whether it is stupid or not.


but the whole point of uniformed bodies' activities or martial arts or whatever is to instill discipline and respect. it doesn't mean we tell kids to stop thinking and just "follow the leader", but it means they learn to recognise that although leaders make mistakes, it doesn't mean they stop being people they should respect. a successful leader would be able to impart the message that it's not wrong to point out mistakes of other people, in fact recognising mistakes and knowing how to help fix them is very important, but when you tell someone off, you don't do it disrespectfully.

nevermind, i think i'm off-topic. heh.


vincent is a scoutmaster. heh.

vincent is also awesome. have you heard that story before?

Dose of early reality for that Kid. Haha

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