Thursday, September 07, 2006


Vincent isn't really in the right state of mind to be humouring you ungrateful cunts out there.

I might be back tomorrow, depending on my mood.

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Grow up vincent. We don't give a shit if you aren't in a good mood. So STFU and go about your business, you dumb fucking cunt...

I am afraid it is in my genes. I can't grow up anymore. 5' 9" is the max, I am afraid. I wish I could reach 6', but I am past the growing up stage...should have drank more milk as a kid..



there there. *pats vincent on the back* 5'9" isn't too bad, really.

Really ? I was under impression from people who met this retard that he's a shorty , bald pizza face.

anon: well, you got the wrong impression then. sorry.

yaler. i am short, okay!

mahai. i told you i wanted to be like 6'. stop making fun of my height la. i got issues with my confidence la.

don't bully me, ok?

please? preety please?


I don't believe you are that short, for my height is 175 cm (feel free to diss me as I suck at US metric system).

If you think you are that short, drink milk to grow up. :D


This site sucks

at least vincent is better den kennysia who wanted all the girls to worship him in the recent post, by putting every rich man down, he thinks every rich man dick is THAT cheap simply fuck around...common rich man have pride too ok

btw, u think kennysia qualify to flirt around after marriage meh? fat like obese, hair also dropping plus he is not the only rich man in the world lah, tok abt delusional


i think what everyone would like to say is that this site, kennysia's site, minishort's site etc. sucks. the people who run them probably sucks too.

YungJie - "US metric system"??? do you even know what the metric system is? holy crap. you are dumb. no wonder you and vincent are friends

No I don't know, and he's not my friend, so does that make you any wiser ? :)

i am sorry but i mistakenly believed the 2 of you were friends due to my observation of you kissing his bottom like it is the world cup.

dude, some of ur reader's comments never fail to make me lol...funny bcoz of the sohainess

Err.....I only kiss his bottom if it looks like the EUFA Champion leagues cup, world cup is for wuss.

EUFA Champion leagues cup???
EUFA???? what the hell is EUFA???? is that your cute little nickname for vincent's ass?


Europe United Football Association, it sounds suitable to yours than his unfortunately.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Dwayne who?
Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning.


uhh isn't it supposed to be UEFA?

height isn't a matter... ya... should have confidence... someone must have been shorter than you as well... so ha ha.... never mind.... when will you post a new blog though? cheers up


Tyler : It is, and damn you spoilling it :(

anonymity rocks...
I can't stop laughing


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