Saturday, September 23, 2006

of nicknames and stuffs

I've been called many things since I started this blog some two and the half years ago. First I was some kind of sexist MCP who hated women (it so seemed), then I was an irrational person. That slowly evolved to a Mr Know-It-All. These days the critics seem to be gunning for MCA crony, and most recently, Vincent Abdullah (I still fail to see how those two go hand in hand).

But nicknames or stuffs like that have always affected us in life. Everybody in school had a nickname. Some of them with a reason, but most of them irrational. For instance, there was this friend of mine who was called Froggie, all because he burped loudly in class one day while the teacher was teaching. That name stuck with him the whole of his schooling life.

Then there was this guy who was called Betik, just because one day he brought a betik to school - God only knows why. I don't know if I could call that an irrational nickname but mine certainly was. Those blokes called me Cow, for some reason I can't seem to recall. Kids are evil, but that is how the world spins and I lived through my schooling days.

Some are just mean though. There was this guy of a pretty rojaked origin. The blood that flew through his veins were of Chinese, Indian, Portugese and Dutch origin. They could have called him anything, you know. Hybrid would have been the meanest in hindsight, but at that time King's Confectionary started a craze in Malaysia similar to the Rotiboy craze of a couple of years ago. And so his nickname - Portugese Egg Tart.

I was wronged too, in primary school because there was this seriously stupid kid who shared my surname. This was a kid who once came to school in the morning and went to the toilet. Only around 11am did the teacher realise that the kid wasn't at his place. Long story short, the fella pooped in his pants and locked himself in the toilet because his pants were quite literally full of shit. That would have been okay, because sometimes people do shit in their pants (ahem! you should read more blogs out there! teehee!). Problem is, the same idiot repeated his feat in a scout camp a couple of months down the road. He tried to hold his shit in for 3 days because most camping n00bs are afraid to use the toilet when camping. On the final day, he let it all loose in the tent, crapping all over the place.

This same kid had earlier in the year came to school one morning with gauze bandages on his face and arms after the Chinese New Year holidays. Some questions just need not be asked. And so because my only offence was sharing the same surname as him, everybody would go, "Hey Vincent, take care of your brother la! Why he so stupid one? Teach him properly can or not?" But that actually did mean something to me because I do have a mentally disabled brother, although the kids in school never knew that.

All this comes around because I was talking to my friend Monkey (real nickname here) about this last night. She got that nickname in uni, although I can't remember what for. It has been a shitty week, both at work and elsewhere, so this is for you, Monkey. Thanks for the first real laugh I had in a week.


eh? Cow? I remember that.. you don't ka?

Teehee does not sound very Vincent.

nice post. nice change from the previous posts.

and nicknames do affect your life, although i've been fortunate to have never had one that particularly hurt. i did get my long hair chopped off because i was annoyed at people calling me "bushy-tail girl" in school though. going through high school looking like a boy wasn't exactly pleasant in the end.


i have been called 'mickey mouse' since i was born... it is all because of my ears... poor me :P

keng : The origin? Nah that was way before your time.

drtan : It is actually. It is the epitome of 'not knowing what you will get when you read this blog'

lishun : Previous post was by far one of the best in recent time. Well, that is if you were me, and you understood what that was about.

anonymous : I knew a guy called Dumbo (like the elephant). I reckon that was worse.


hmm. well nicknames do stick and usually come up for some reason or other

such as the guy with flu problems (slightly asthmatic) who was then known as nose

or the kid who in primary had a slightly large part above his neck (now we just call him big. usually...)

or the poor kid whose initials spelled out C.O.C.K.


every monkey out there has an opinion

chill! =)


my nickname kambing has been stuck with me ever since 4 years ago because they said i sounded like one when i laughed. :/



Mine was "gebu" - I was very fair and gebu, I guess :).... I hate it! I hope u r ok already. Everybody have a shitty day for time to time. It will pass….

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