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When you are having a long day at work, and sometimes things seem to be going badly, it is always wise to open the newspaper to the centrespread and read the opinions section. They never fail to amuse me. Sure, they sometimes piss me off, but when the anger subsides, I get to reassure myself that there are a shit load of other morons out there, which makes me relatively AWESOME.

Today I had a blast with The Star's centrespread.

UK must give work permit automatically

Since overseas students spend hundreds of thousands of ringgit to get a UK degree, the UK should be obliged to provide permit-free training until they are registered with their respective professional bodies.

I graduated with a B. Pharm (Hons) from the University of Nottingham a few years ago. Because of personal reasons, I came back to Malaysia without doing my pre-registration training in the UK.

Now I wish to go back for my pre-registration training. A few trainer pharmacists offered me placement but because of the hassle of getting a work permit, they have rejected me.

The Training and Work Experience Scheme (TWES) is to enable those to enter the UK to receive training which is not readily available to them in their own countries.

Since the overseas students receive their degree in the UK, they can be registered there only if they receive their training there.

They should be given TWES work permits automatically.

Cool, Malaysians have gotten bored of moaning that our goverment succumb to their every demand. Instead, they now demand that foreign governments should worship the ground they walk on. And if the world wasn't sick enough, I read a mail from the most irritating moaner, ever:

Malaysia's loss is UK's gain

I HAVE a master's degree from Imperial College and am completing my doctoral studies in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford in the UK.

I too face a similar dilemma as Sylvia Hsu-Chen Yip from Canberra, "We need to feel appreciated" (The Star, Sept 12). I am unsure whether I would return home after completing my PhD.

This is a similar dilemma being faced by many non-bumiputra Malaysians in the UK. I joined a Malaysian public university in the hope of being able to pursue my PhD abroad.

At the university, I learned that there were two staff study support programmes for postgraduate degrees, a bumiputra programme and a non-bumiputra programme.

I was so disappointed to learn of this that I left the university in three months. MARA used to give students loans to study abroad, and students used to only pay a percentage of the loan upon completing their studies.

If you had a first class degree, the loan became a scholarship. If you had a second upper degree, you paid 10% and so on. There were also loans for postgraduate studies, but I was not eligible for them.

I am currently completing my PhD through personal funds.

Anxious to find work to support myself, I was invited as a lecturer for Magdalen College, University of Oxford, in my first term at Oxford.

Even my supervisor was amazed by this, as he mentioned that it was unusual for someone to be invited to teach, having just arrived at Oxford.

Extremely pleased with the quality of my teaching, the University of Oxford asked me to continue teaching until the end of my studies.

I was recommended to Brasenose College, University of Oxford, which subsequently appointed me to a more substantial lectureship at the college.

Recognising the quality of my work, Brasenose College Oxford also asked me to help in undergraduate admissions in December.

I will be interviewing students who apply to study Engineering Science at Oxford.

My research has not suffered. My supervisor was surprised that I could not secure a scholarship, and is trying to secure funding for me from the British government.

I have also just been invited to settle down in the UK as a "Highly Skilled Migrant", a status granted by the British Home Office based on my education, experience and achievements at international level.

I really want to return home as I want to be with my parents and family. Unfortunately, as I need to repay the family loans which helped me to complete my PhD, I will be staying on in the UK to work.

I have been told that any company would be more than willing to employ me, what with a master's from Imperial and a PhD from Oxford.

I feel unappreciated in Malaysia. I could have contributed so much to the country, especially considering that Malaysia aims to become a regional education hub.

Malaysia's loss is UK's gain.

The whole mail is filled with nothing but, "Oh, I am great you know. I fed poor starving orphans in Uganda and helped a granny cross the road. Give me a prize already!" I particularly like the last sentence. Yes, I know I blow my own trumpet a lot, but I never ask for a prize dammit.

Never mind about what I keep saying about paying merceneries to come back. This one particularly irks me because I know the system in UK. A lot of the engineering PhD research is funded, either by the university, or a company interested in that particular field of research. I know this because loads of my friends managed to secure such fundings AND get paid allowances as well.

Now these friends of mine aren't even in super unis where obviously the Schools of Engineering are not as well funded, or do not have as much investment poured in by outside companies when compared to Oxbridge and Imperial. So when someone says they come from Oxford and if they really are as awesome as they claim to be, but can't get a scholarship/funding for their PhD, there is something not right here. I smell a fishy lie somewhere.

Of course after reading all the 'serious' stuffs, you can lighten up a bit by reading the funnies opinions people send in by SMS.

mayb i shud start toking lyke dis so dat u ppl wud tic me seriusly.


It's the content. Not the English.

If everyone have Vincent's superiority syndrome, then there is no more hope for the common man in the street, because his points will be ignored just because vincent doesn't like his English.

Besides, let everyone know that Vincent does not care about contents. He only cares about twisting and playing with words just to win an argument.

You can debate with vincent and win him in all content category, with even facts and evidence presented in front of him, but it is useless.

Vincent doesn't care about facts, he cares only if he wins, at any cost.

The lesson of the day is, stop debating with vincent, he doesn't care what you think. He just wants to win.

So if you meet up with vincent, just punch him in the face. No need to reason with him, because he doesn't care, as long as he gets to shit on your face.

Don't waste time reasoning with the unreasonable. ;-)


"...Besides let everyone know that Vincent does not care about contents. He only cares about twisting and playing with words just to win an arguement.."

Anon, you have just reflected yourself. With much less verbal and analytical talent than vincent.


"The lesson of the day is, stop debating with vincent, he doesn't care what you think. He just wants to win."

Yeah, I think that's a good lesson.



wow anonymous, stealing some of my arguments there eh...

dear vincent, it's me your good friend vincenzo again. how are you doing? okay enough small talk.

in relation to the first letter , "UK must give work permit automatically", i totally agree with you. we must not expect something from another country, although as my friend says they raped our women and stole our natural resources for many years. i am not saying that sarcastically. i truly believe that if we want to move forward we cannot be looking to another country for assistance.

next, "Malaysia's loss is UK's gain". here i must disagree with you. if i was in the writer's shoes, i too might end up hating my country (i am assuming he is telling the whole truth). it is obvious that he could not support himself there without taking substantial loans from family members. he needs a scholarship. a foreign country is willing to give it to him, and his own country is not. please refer to my above comments. we are in independent country. how can we expect a foreign country to pay for our students' education only for them to be brought back here to work?

the loans/scholarships are going to people less deserving than him. he is clearly a very intelligent person and should be rewarded accordingly. can you imagine what an asset he would be if he was given a scholarship and came back here to work?

the scholarship is not a prize, it is something he should be entitled to given his qualifications.

finally with regards the SMS, i too find the abbreviations annoying, especially the new ones like "29" (tonight) and "on9" (online). those 2 really had me scratching my head.


I'm dumb. Ignore me. Vincent rocks.

well, UK scholarship policies have changed quite alot recently, with a major focus on giving preference to an EU citizen first, and non-EU last.

honestly, the only way you can get a PhD scholarship now is via the commonwealth scholarship/company sponsorship/the university helps you to get one of those government scholarships by engaging another local PhD student and paying you via the grant.


The guy said he is completing his PhD, which makes me assume he started some 3 years ago. That is around the same time my friends got their numerous scholarships/fundings.

And those weren't from the UK government either. Most of them were grants given by companies. For example if a car company wants research done on a particular material that they use in their engines, then they will give the funding to one person to do that research.

So like I said, if the guy is really from Oxford and he is as good as he says he is, then something must really be wrong somewhere.


vincent sucks. I rock.

I'd punch him in the face but he's bigger than me.



dear vincent, fair point. maybe he is just a lazy punk who wants the scholarship to be placed on a plate for him. perhaps he should have applied to some of the bigger private companies for one but didn't, and it that case it would be his fault. but we won't know unless we ask him.

mr. oops i mean DR. oxford guy, if you are reading this, please clarify.


ppl do know right that most bloggers/blogders have very short attention spans & absotively will not read walls of text esp if its comments by some flyingfucks? :P

> mayb i shud start toking lyke dis so dat u ppl wud tic me seriusly.

on a slightly more serious note is that perception that 'we' (as a country) are reactive rather than proactive?


I must admit that sometimes I disagree with Vincent for his points of view on whatever issue, but then you do argue it out properly, so at times it may be justified.

frankly, i think vincent is very sore about all these...i wonder what jappened to him previously to be so sore....

then again...that's just my opinion.


I think your personal opinions are influenced by the way you were brought up. If throughout your life, you have been led to think that life owes you a living, then you will end up a very lazy and angry person. You would think that life is not fair when you do not get the things you desire.

Maybe we should adopt this attitude, if we want something badly enough, we should never give up and work towards it.

My PhD from Oxford should not stop trying to get a scholarship. He should, however, shut the fish up and stop bitching about Malaysia. Malaysia does not owe him a living. It is Mr PhD, who owes her.

Oh and eyeris, I think everyone is bigger than you. :) Hahahaha. *runs away fast fast*


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