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project happy malaysia - story compilation

I would like to thank everybody who helped me publise this project of mine, and more importantly, the people who took a lot of time and effort into writing a great story. The stories, whether simple or elaborate, all served a purpose.

Never mind the people who would eventually read it - if it made you happy writing back and looking back at your childhood (which was the favourite theme for most people) then I am happy for you. We have to ask ourselves, and a couple of people did point this out - why is it that we could mix around with kids of all skin colour when we were growing up but somehow drifted apart when we grew up? Why are we so suspicious of the other race when these were people we played with when we were kids?

The point of this project, and I think most people got it, was that we need to learn to look at the bright side of things while acknowledging the flaws. Everybody needs someone they can look up to. Everybody needs a shining beacon to guide the way. Everybody needs an inspiration - a person or a situation they can relate to, and say, "Hey I can do that, too!". I hope these stories would inspire you to make this country a better place to live in.

Agoraphobia doesn't exactly have a story but he reminds us of our responsibility as a Malaysian...and he says it all in perfectly fluent Malay.

Alynna recounts a tale of kind Malaysians who helped her kid brother some years ago when he got lost in a supermarket.

Anttyk wants us all to know about Tawau (where's that?!) and his fellow East Malaysians.

Astrosurge in a two part series tells the story of his 'muhibbahness' when he was growing up as a kid, all the way to university and laments that mixing around with people of different races sometimes gets you segregated from your 'own kind'.

Ayuni relates the incident which opened her eyes and in her words , 'dah tak jadi judgemental dengan orang Cina lagi'. A well told story.

has a meaningful story about being stranded in the LRT station and reminds us that there is a silver lining to every dark cloud.

Benjamin has a nice story where he recollects the time when he played around with kids of all races, and wishes that he relive the same all over again.

Chris tells his story of the times spent with his half-Malay cousin.

Cynical Idealist shares a heartwarming story her grandmother told her about a poor little Indian kid that she used to teach.

David Lai
got a pretty good experience out of a Moral Studies project visiting an old folk's home where they couldn't communicate with the folks.

Dila has a few short stories to share - about the kindness of people around, and wonders why we abuse everything about the country when a foreigner praised it 'to the sky'.

Din tells us the history of his immigrant parents and how Malaysia is a land of opportunity if we choose to work hard and not give up when the chips are down.

Eyeris has many reasons to be happy about Malaysia, in particular the food and the language.

Fireangel, true to her style, talks about the love-hate relationship of her home. Literally.

Galnexdor shares her Outward Bound School experience where she has 'a truly Malaysian moment'.

Jayelle shares her National Service experience. Look's like it is really fulfulling its purpose.

Jed has a memorable experience at a bus stop when it is pouring cats and dogs. A simple story, but the point is driven home.

Jen dedicates the whole post to the awesome mamaks we know throughout the country.

June reminds us that when it comes to helping the under-privilleged, charity does not discriminate the colour of one's skin as she was among the few Chinese in an Indian community fund raiser.

Lishun muses about breaking stereotypes with a cool 'foot in the mouth' story.

Maggie shows that racial integration is all up to us - it is just whether we want to do it or not.

Melvyn accounts an amazing story of a nice taxi driver who isn't all about the money.

Minishorts has a hilarious account of being chided by an air steward for not wanting to go back to the 'jungle'.

Miss Michy shares her story of growing up with a large Malay extended family.

MKSun pays tribute to his caring primary school teacher who has since passed on.

Monkticon had a pretty cool childhood mixing with kids of other races (and he even remembers their names!)

Pelf has an aptly named story called Terrapin Independence Day about, well, freeing terrapins!

Philters wrote probably the most beautiful story of spending Christmas on a longhouse in Bario, one of the remotest areas of Malaysia.

Reenzmi teaches her kid about patriotism while watching the Merdeka Day parade.

Revel-in-Me starts off her post with a quote "You do some more, Mummy sell you to the Indian man one ar...." Need I say more?

Scorkes recaps everything she CAN do as a Malaysian woman.

Simon has a list of things that he says makes everyday life in Malaysia a happy story.

Stev has a simple story of life growing up as a Malaysian.

Skay shares the muhibbah spirit as a kid growing up in Kota Bahru. I noticed that people who grew up in places where their own race is a minority tend to be very tolerant of other races.

Suanie sits in Starbucks where she reflects on life in KL, food, and happiness in general.

Tan Yee Hou reminds us that not all 'big shot businessmen' are as aloof as some people make them out to be.

Vincent relates the incident which changed his outlook and made him more understanding towards the other races, and the importance of not airing your dirty laundry in public.

Visithra has a simple, yet effective story on racial harmony.

Yasmin tells a tale of a kind Chinese shopkeeper who isn't all about the money.

Zyrin shares her story of neighbourliness which is lacking in today's fast paced society and reflects on what Merdeka means to her. Another good read, this.

I spent close to 3 hours reading and compiling the entire list, and my eyes are starting to see stars. My apologies if I missed you out - please leave a comment with the post permalink, and I will add your story to the list. If you know of a story that was written but is not on the list, please drop me a note as well. Thank you.

At last count - 40 stories.

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Of course you do.

Wicked job VT. Its this time of the year when you kill yourself and your eyes. Some tossers don't appreciate the peace we have. Let them die far far lah.

And thanks to you dude for making people believe that there is still things to be happy about :)


this site blows. the site owner sounds like a distrungled & childish prat. what a racist punk.

(hmm. some cant take the heat/angst? ^)

applauds the effort to setup the entire thing, checking through everything, and posting up the complete list

props, kudos & all that

ps. hope you had fun (seriously. kek) with the entire project. chillz.


dude...u actually read every post? respect

just came by this one:



Other than happy malaysians, she also tries her best to keep malaysian bloggers happy as well.

The best part about the Merdeka Blogger Project this year is that its theme could carry on through to Merdeka 2007.

If anyone's interested to support the movement of freedom in blogging, please drop by and read or contribute an entry of your experience in blogging thus far. :)



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