Wednesday, September 06, 2006

skewed logic

These things have been cropping up lately - and I wanted to blog about this 2 weeks ago, but Happy Malaysia was more important.

I was reading this stupid thing that has been in circulation about the supposed racist practices of Malaysia.

Among the points were - 2% of GLC staff are Chinese - or some bullshit like that I can't really remember.

That maybe true - I have no idea of knowing, but think about this. When I was a fresh grad looking for a job when I came back to Malaysia, I applied to every company I could think off. Jobs are not easy to get these days, you know. You just apply everything and see what you get.

But then every Tom, Dick and Harry came up to me and said, "Hey don't apply to the civil service! All Malays! Cannot climb one!" Another classic line "You apply to JKR?? You nuts ar?!? You know your skin what colour or not?"

Well, screw all of you la. The reason these companies have so few non-Malays is because most of them refuse to join in the first place - citing racial problems. I wonder who the racist is now...

I read a Marvin's blog today. Marvin seems to be angry a lot these days.

Anyhows, I read something written by another Marvin (well, one of the Marvins - I can't remember which one) the other day. He was saying that people who work for the civil service or GLCs or heck, anything to do with the government are government apologists/cronies.

Going by that same logic, I pity those unsung heroes who work with Indah Water.

On an unrelated topic, but also very skewed logic, a lot of people I know have 'tortoise emoticons' on their MSN nicks.

I asked a few muppets why, and most of them said it was because of Steve Irwin.

Hmm....but here's a thought. The bloke played with crocs, not fucking tortoises.

Let's get one thing straight, okay? Tortoises make good food, but they don't make good tribute icons, alritey?


vincent, let me tell you of an incident that actually happened to me. i was one of the top scorers for my law exams, and the day my results came out i got a call from the Attorney General's Chambers asking me to attend at their office for an interview.

i was interviewed by a high ranking officer there, a malay lady. after the usual questions, she said this to me: let me be honest with you. if we offer you a job, you must be prepared to be posted far away. you must know that you are not going to handle any big cases and you are not going to be promoted that much, since you are not malay.

prior to this incident, i too only heard rumours and stories about non-malays not being rewarded or remunerated fairly in government/government linked agencies. but now, after being told straight to my face, my perspective has changed.

by the way, i was offered the job. do you think i accepted it? maybe that was their plan all along, to be able to say that they offered many non-malays jobs, but they didnt take up the offer. then people like you will start making noise about how non-malays refuse to take up jobs in government agencies. what you do not know is what is said during the interview.


Anon: If you swap "Attorney General's Chambers" with the names of certain private sector companies, "a Malay lady" with "a Chinese lady" and "you are not Malay" with "you are not Chinese"; you will get another true story right there.

Moral of the story?

Racial unity has no chance in Malaysia, if it's people keep blaming other races and don't start reconciling.

One of the first steps is to be able to sit down at the same table and share a meal with fellow Malaysians, even though some do not take beef and others do not take pork.


Actually the thing about sharing a meal has a damn valid point.

Malaysians love to eat, but well, almost everybody can't eat something and a lot of people can't find it in them to be around pork/beef.


does a tortoise taste more like chicken or mutton?

As a Chinese I know for a fact that Malaysian Chinese are the most racists of all races around the world. Even my none Chinese friends agree. The way Chinese only stick with themselves is troubling.

We suck (Tiqerjoe sucks too).


tigerjoe, there is a huge difference. employees of private sector companies are not paid using taxpayers' money. they are also not given 5 tea breaks a day. they actually have to produce results or they are out of the door.

also, do not forget the "ali factor" in private sector companies. a few "bumiputera" directors will be compulsary. more free money.


^ u idiot. discrimination is wrong, whether in public or private sector. face it. chinese and malays are racists. we can't help it.

That's how the world rotates, dudes and dudettes

if i build company A from the ground up, make it a success all by myself, i can choose who i want to work in my company. that is none of anyone's business.

if i become a high ranking officer in a govt dept or a GLC, which is probably funded/heavily subsidised by the government, which in turn is subsidised by taxpayers, who consist of people from every race, i owe an obligation to each and every taxpayer to not discriminate against them.

you are all trying to hide the problems that exist. whilst there are people at one end of the spectrum making every little thing a big issue, you try to over-compensate. please be objective and reasonable.



That's why the tortoise icon was picked. Read up more on Harriet the tortoise.

About racism in Malaysia...read these comments..it's exactly why..


Erm...how come I have true stories about a lot of non-Malays who made it big in govt sectors. There there, all Marvins would probably say, "Aiyah, filling up quota only" or "Aiyah, they all lucky"

Its pathetic to know that its the racists who don't bother applying for govt sectors and then come up with excuses like, no point I apply coz they only promote their own people. And then when you point out the truth, they start comparing productivity blablabla...it's neverending I tell you. People like that will come up with all sorts of excuses.

I can give you a story about a Chinese man who takes 5 tea breaks a day in a private company but still gets ahead of another fellow Chinese man who works his ass off. Why? Because he's part of the gang. How bout that?


anonymous, i think its pointless to argue with stubborn ppl like vincent abdullah (one of a kind) & skay (future husband is muslim) and i think we heard enuff of jelousy & envy why chinese this why chinese that in the tv, radio, blogs etc...so i think all chinese should go to ducky blog (just click my nick) and just leave vincent abdullah blog ALONE..

It's such an irony that the idiot above just being a hypocrite. *rolls eyes*

And about the icon, I thought the turtle looks like a crocodile's front side.


s-kay, you said:

"I can give you a story about a Chinese man who takes 5 tea breaks a day in a private company but still gets ahead of another fellow Chinese man"

once again, you miss some important points, which leads me to question your intelligence. one point you missed, is that one chinese gets ahead of another chinese, hence there is no issue of race. do i have to explain it to you as i do with a 3 year old?

next, as i have said above on September 07, 2006 9:33 AM, if i build the company, i shall reap the rewards. if you are funded by the government, there is an obligation to the tax payers.

do you understand what i am saying? what is so difficult to understand about that? if you want to put a valid point across, at least respond to the points that i have made. don't tell a story that is totally off point and sit there feeling proud of yourself.

next, "a lot of non-Malays who made it big in govt sectors" - if you observe closely, this is true with your father's generation. slowly but surely, less and less malays will make it.


OOOIIIKKK! Tortoises are not FOOD!

anttyk: bt tortoise soup is teh bomb. LOL

From what I understand from the above:

1) you are justified to be a racist if you pay your taxes and founded your own company.

2) not many people have tasted tortoise soup. are terrapins counted as well?


Vincent, those were turtles, not tortoises.. and this is the reason why.



oh so THAT was what all the turtles were about! same la like the roses for icantrememberwhattragedy.

anyway, am sad we'll have no more "crikey!"s on tv and that it'll be insensitive to make fun of steve irwin anymore. "whose line" will be alot more boring from now on.

am very happy, though, that alot of the people i know in my uni have no qualms of serving the government eventhough there's the possibility of being sent far from home into a rural area with no astro and hot water. it's a responsibility, it's a necessity and, racial issues or not, it's crippling to a country if the people are not going to serve because they get less money or don't get promoted as fast as they would in the private sector.

but then, i'm only a lowly student. i can't possibly know anything more than someone who won't even use his/her name when posting comments and calling other people stupid.


Actually, that thing about being sent far away to rural areas was funny. I remember some medic students citing that as a reason they didn't wanna come back to Malaysia to work after they graduated.

I swear everybody in medical school interview saying they wanted to be doctors because they want to 'help' people.

Sure, just that they rather help the rich city people than the kampung people.


they're crazy. everyone knows that in the rural areas, you practically rule the hospital, you get more experience than your peers in the towns AND if you're looking for a transfer, the moh is actually more sympathetic towards doctors who have served in the outskirts. it's true. my friend's mother works in the ministry and deals precisely with such transfer cases.

people are just so focussed on complaining that they forget that there is no government that operates in a way to make sure the people suffer and still have the country stand up reasonably well, the way malaysia is doing.


dear vincent,
mr steve irwin is not only good at being with crocodile but also reptile. therefore i think that's why they put on the tortoise emoticon. however i agree with you:)


dear vincent,

"you are justified to be a racist if you pay your taxes and founded your own company."

if you are self-made, it is up to you whether or not you want to be racist, it is none of anyone's business. however, when you are funded by people of all races, you owe an obligation to them. it is no longer just up to you.

these high ranking government officials sit around wasting money the whole day. i went for a meeting at a govt department recently, just a short meeting which, if held at a private company, would have finished very quickly with no fuss. but these people had to have a whole tea party set out (which only their staff indulged in; everyone else just wanted to get back to work). further the reason for the meeting was that they were selling a property at a huge loss. this is taxpayer's money here.

dear lishun,

"it's crippling to a country if the people are not going to serve because they get less money or don't get promoted as fast as they would in the private sector.

but then, i'm only a lowly student. i can't possibly know anything more than someone who won't even use his/her name when posting comments and calling other people stupid."

i did not spend 4 years in university to do charity for people who don't deserve charity. if my government would have given me an equal opportuinity as everybody else to enter a local university then i would say it is my responsibility. but no, i was not given an equal opportuinity. please don't deny this as it is a known and admitted fact. some of us have families to feed. we cannot afford to be treated unfairly.

and yes, my observation from your comment is that you are in fact a lowly student who has been brainwashed.


Alright, alright, we get your point. You think its right to be racist in your own company.

No need to continue anymore arguments here.

If anybody wants to know the problem with our country, well, here you go.


once again, vincent has proven himself to be someone who cannot have a decent debate without throwing a hissy fit and sulking.

i said "it is up to you whether or not you want to be racist, it is none of anyone's business".

being racist is wrong. but what the government does is worse. and you are defending it like a stupid idiot, and criticising private companies. that is my point. and you are stupid. good day.


I learnt from a wise man today (refer to the above) that two wrongs make a right.

I am enlightened!


vincent, vincent, vincent...
not being fair in your criticism is wrong.

let me put this in terms you should understand. winnie the pooh was very hungry and to prevent her/him/itself from starving, winnie the pooh stole some bread. the powerpuff girls on the other hand stole bread for fun, being the little rebels that they are.

now, both what winnie the pooh and the powerpuff girls did was wrong. however, what winnie the pooh did was not as bad as what the powerpuff girls did due to the circumstances.

what little vincent is doing is saying that the powerpuff girls did not do anything wrong, and winne the pooh is a hardcore criminal. how can little vincent say that? perhaps his brain has not developed enough yet. poor little vincent.

nowhere in my previous post did i say the word right or correct. please stop adding words on to it. people can read. allow me to quote : "being racist is wrong. but what the government does is worse".

just accept the fact that you made a mistake and move on my dear vincent.


You are mistaken. My name is Vincent. I never make mistakes.

I used to - once upon a time. I have since learnt that it is pointless to kononnya 'debate' on the internet - especially with people who do not leave names.


You sound like a maddox fan. :)

you can call me Vincenzo.

why do you say it is pointless to debate on the internet after debating for 3 posts?

is it because you seem to have lost? and your only "decent" argument is that you never make mistakes.

debating to you means twisting the words of your opponent to carry a meaning that is different to what they meant to say. somewhat similar to what a politician does. no wonder your opinios are the way they are.

if you really believe that what your opinions are correct, then you need not resort to such low-down tactics, unless of course you lack the mental capacity to debate, in which case may i suggest that you take up something less taxing such as playing snakes and ladders?


dear sad little man,

you must be sorely mistaken if you think the above is called 'debating'. it is me, poking fun at muppets like you.

why? because i find it more interesting that blogging. that explains why i havent blogged anything in a week.


dear vincent,

if you define "poking fun" as making stupid arguments and not responding to totally valid ones, then indeed you are poking fun at me.

if you define "muppets" as people who are smarter than you, in that they can actually sustain an argument/debate, then i must be a muppet.

i have made so many valid points, but you have made no effort to respond to them. that clearly indicates to me that you are only capable of putting 1 view down that only idiots will accept as true without questioning first. other intelligent people may agree, but they will first analyse and consider it.

when someone disagrees, with strong arguments in his/her favour, you should at least respond to show that you not only have a clear understanding of what you are advocating but also to rebut whatever points are made against you.

your failure to do so can only lead me to 1 logical conclusion - your little retarded cousin responds to the comments. hence the total lack of maturity and thinking.



Dont insult my cousin!



name calling. brilliant man. just like our MPs, the people you so love. maybe your next post can be about whether to allow eye-patches into parliament, seeing as to how you are so brilliant.

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