Monday, October 02, 2006

for you, and for me

Seeing as to how this blog is pretty much an extension of my philosophies in life, and seeing as to how I have been at this for about two and the half years, I have pretty much spelt out all my theories and concepts in a single entity.

I find it comforting to know that when my head is messed up (or not), or if I have a story to tell, I can simply look it up from the archives and point you in the direction that you need to look. I don't usually discuss my problems with many people besides my imaginary friend, so re-reading my archives does give me the feeling that I am talking to myself, and giving myself advice - even if it was from the past.

It so happened that I was reading my December 2005 archives just now and chanced upon this gem written on New Year's Eve. As I read the last paragraph, I reminded myself that everything is just going to be awesome once again...

I am not going to wish you an awesome year ahead, because everybody knows that's not going to happen. Inevitabliy, there will be setbacks, dissapointments and heartbreaks. I do, however wish you the strength to overcome all that shit, the tenacity to piss in the wind and the guts to stare down the barrel of a gun.

And above all, to enjoy the new year.
Despite the setbacks, dissapointments and heartbreaks, my year has been nothing short of spectacular. How has your year been so far?


but vincent... would it be better to have hopes on the future rather than being such rational... um... ha ha at least the hope of having an awesome year should make us a bit happier kwa :P ha ha...

Shitty, but wicked nonetheless.

Crappy, but interesting thus far.

its been a learning year

and another eye-opening year with the shift of a few but important view on things

(not that i expect you to understand my ramblings either ;)


being able to call myself a "second year medical student" totally rocks...lol.

No wonder you couldn't find a job in the UK. You can't even spell.

Yah, I also can't count. The other day I overpaid the shop keeper 6 sen. Luckily the honest bugger refunded me the money.

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