Sunday, October 22, 2006

just a thought

I have received enlightenment today!

The only side effect to that is that my eyes hurt when I look at bright screens, like the one
I am looking at now to type this. Of course, it is for that reason, I chose to be merciful on you people out there, which is why you are staring at a maroon screen. Dark colours, don't hurt as much, you see.

I hope all this isn't serious. After all I only spent today watching 10 episodes of House and a 2.5 hour long 'The Prestige', which annoyingly, some uneducated jakuns were too stupid to comprehend, so they spent the final third of the movie talking about their lives in general. He tried singing too, and I did ask him to shut the fuck up, but since other people said nothing, I have to assume that none of them understood what was going on either. Yes, these kampung folk are thick and yes, you are going to scream that I am arrogant and cocky. Well, forgive me for feeling inspired after watching 10 damn episodes of the God of Cockiness going at it.

But stunningly, another fellow proDG pointed out to me last night that we weren't exactly geniuses. In fact it is extremely worrying because this only means that the rest of you people out there are actually stupid. Wow. A whole new perspective on life!

Still, not to dissapoint you, I did come up with the most far sighted thought last night. I am usually very far sighted and plan way ahead. I have even picked out my kid's names, and if you are interested, the girl's name would be Ashley. But that doesn't really matter. What matters is Ashley's future, as was carefully mapped out in a conversation with a friend last night.

Vincent : I am not sending my kid for any tuition or piano classes if they don't like it.
Vincent : With the exception of the girl. She goes for ballet lessons.
Vincent : She'll thank me when she grows up and can do a split.
Vincent : Because everybody knows how useful that would be in life.
I hope they don't put people in jail for things like that....


my friends said there was a report stating that many parents are not in the right age for parenting... and i have heard from one passenger who sat beside me on plane... she said... 'i might be too harsh on my kids in the past. i forced them to learn musical instruments, swimming, etc... but, i just did it for their good sakes.' one of her children is studying piano in uk currently... was it bad? nope... as what you said before, we lose some when we win some... they might lose some of the childhood life but they learn the skill and are exposed to all sorts of choices and thus i think it can be easier for them to choose their future and interest... i feel regret that i gave up piano for my childhood life... ashley? nice name... how's about your boy?
(p/s: vincent, you mistyped 'disappoint' into 'dissapoint' :P)


...so she'll be able to make it into the cheerleading squad (scary how m'sian sec schools are turning into american high schools) hence claiming her space in popularity and will therefore be spared the thousands of ringgit that may be spent on therapy as an adult?

No lar!

Cheerleading is a shallow vision to look to achieve. Think further.


i was kidding.

I'm still looking for the make-up. :D

ballet is a good choice. flexible, mah?

yoga is the best..health tops it all..screw $, career, men etc etc

oh yeah ballet = flexibility + splits

thus ballet is the key and is very useful in life

the questions remains for what purpose is it? *hint hint*


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