Tuesday, October 31, 2006

what would you have me say?

That some women have to look themselves in the mirror before bitching about other people's ugliness?
That other women are bitches for agreeing to go out with a guy, only to mock him in front of her friends later?
That women are plain evil?


That I am just not motivated for this shit anymore?
That this is getting too easy for me?
That maybe I need my daily dose of Coke?


That I am happy for you when I am not?
That I wanted this so fucking badly?
That I am only human, and jealousy isn't exactly something new?


I don't know.
What else would you possibly have me say?


well, I have to agree with you...

most Women are evil...

But I bet there are a few good apples among the rotten bunch. They're just harder to find...


sbI am the good apple!


nah, we are evil. Its true. i think every woman is a bitch.


Nobody is any better when it comes to the opposite sex.



this not emo. this pissed

selective pressures in evolution pinch out undesirable traits...like...falling in love.

hopefully in another 10000 years.

we don't need this fucking mind-fucking shit going on.


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