Thursday, October 05, 2006

woe is me

Today's words of wisdom, direct from an MSN chat log:

Vincent says:
you dont know guys

Vincent says:
theres talking crap

Vincent says:
and theres stating a truth so blunt and straight out that it sounds like crap

Vincent says:
somethings people want to say, but cant

Vincent says:
and so they tell u a story so outrageous that u think its crap

Vincent says:
but its their way of getting it out of their chest

Vincent says:
they get to say it....and the best part is..nobody understands it


i strongly believe guys are just really simple. take everything they say at face value. if you're not sensitive enough to differentiate what's said in jest and what's the blunt truth...then you're seriously lacking an important kemahiran hidup.

anyway, without putting your words into the correct context, there is no way of knowing exactly what you're trying to convery.

however, just want to say that it's always good to get stuff off your chest. especially if it's hair. erm.


See, that's why I think it's fucking stupid. If you're gonna say something, fricking say it lah! =P

lishun : Right and wrong. Men are simple because the words, while said with hidden intentions, usually mean the same thing. It's like reading a text book.

alynna : Ahaks. Thats what you should tell your species.


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