Saturday, October 07, 2006


I am going down to Kiasuland for the whole of next week.

The blokes at HR and Finance have been telling me that I could stay in ANY hotel of my choice. There is no limit for overseas travel it seems.

I was deliberating over whether it was ethical of me as a small fry to go and book Raffles Hotel for a whole week. Technically, I could.

But I just.......couldn't.

I am getting weak and soft. HELP ME ALREADY!

(yes it has been pointed out that my writings have been sucky as of late....well you can read other blogs out there you know)


Close your eyes and book RAFFLES!!!! If not, Marriott will do.... keke!

geez... you are going to singapore?! wuu i wanna go there~~~ hmn... Raffles? hmn... i wish i can stay there. um... hehe how about you just don't book any hotel now and ha ha... go to any hotel that looks nice to you... if they are all fully booked, then you have your excuse to stay in RAFFLES... ha ha ha... sorry for my unrealistic imagination but yet it might work :P

why raffles??? the fullerton!!!

Your balls are playing with your mind. Chop them off, NOW.


vincent, you won't blog this week ar? lose an entertainment... come back early from singapore ya but of course enjoy your stay there


too late to get you to buy me Bleach! gashapon from Singapore ... :(


So you finally end up going lah...hehehe...you have fun dude. *cough*. Presents. *cough cough*. Lol. Kidding dude. Be good boy while there. But book the posh hotels anyway. Keh.

I think it would not be wrong for a 'small fry' to book any hotel, since they said any, I think its a company policy. Oh well, you're there and I'm a week late.

you sounded bitter in all of your entries... let me give you a hug!



lyn : Marriot, Hilton, Hyatt, Le Meridien.....all fully booked. :P

lishun : Yah well I didn't know. Someone told me Raffles was the place to be.

hotchick : I would prefer a fellatio. Kthxbai.


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