Sunday, November 26, 2006

creepy crawlies

Staying next to a forest, I get a lot of uninvited guests. The crickets sing me a lullaby as I fall asleep each night, while the frogs burp louder than my friend (aptly nicknamed Froggie) during mating season.

The other day, a bloody thirsty mosquito tried to suck up some of my bodily fluids when I swatted him and did as anybody else would have done. I picked up its liveless carcass (if you can call it that) and threw it onto the floor beside me. Half an hour later, those annoying small ants were feasting on the blood sucker.

Then, 4 days ago, I caught a cockroach crawling in my wastepaper basket that had some bits of tissue paper and used food wrappers but was otherwise empty. I tied up the plastic bag and left the fella in there. For general information, in case it might interest you - the bugger is still alive as of 5 minutes ago. I intend to keep that plastic bag until the fucker dies - just to see how long he can go without food or water (a normal human being would have started decomposing).

And just the other day, I killed a very horrible (and evil) intruder that could have done me some harm. Say hello to Hairy Legs Voldermort:


tarantulas aren't poisonous. not unless you attack them or something. you killed it?!


What if the tarantula perasan think that ppl wanna attack them then release poison? Better not take any chance.



Let's just say that I was in a vey safe position.

You would be too, if you clobbered a 2 inch long spider from 4 feet away using a broom


You nitwit. Shoulda kept the bugger.
It'd make a dam good weapon. Unleash it on your enemies.

Or you could've given it to me.


Eepp.. Besar gila.

Anyway, was Voldemort a spider? I thought it was the punks in the forest?

Like k3ng said, you should have caught the bugger.


did you cook & eat it? =)

reminds me of a friend who went to a rather 'ulu' place with toilet quite far away into the jungle

had some bad food & was forced to go to the toilet. but mosquitos were practically swarming the entire area. if you stand still, guaranteed you'll be beaten.

so thus the dilemma of wanting to shit but risking being sucked dry if you squatted still. the solution?

it sounded something like rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat...



drtan: No, the spider was called Aragog. I just called it Voldermort because it is evil.

stev : You mean you actually listened to someone take a shit?!


That's HUGE!! It's like a giant.. so disgusting! So scary!!!

you killed something that cute. evil.

i suggest u sleep in bed wif netting 2 prevent the evil creature from trespassing while u sleeping

NO WAY. Did you really?? (kill that I mean) :O :O THAT'S A TARANTULA, RIGHT? I thought tarantulas are only found deep in some like, African jungle or something. Whaaaat theeeee.

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