Thursday, November 30, 2006


This is a follow-up story of what happened the other day. It is the story of the kid who spent 120 bucks on some stickers for his, er...subject of interest.

Vincent says: grounded? why?
Justin says: spend 2 much
Andrew says: no shit, how much again?
Vincent says: NO SHITS U SPENT TOO MUCH??!?!
Vincent says: holy cow you spent 120 bucks on bloody stickers
Justin says: I spend rm500 over edi...go out 5 times
Vincent says: Are you fucking serious?!?
Vincent says: If I were your parents you wouldn't be grounded. I would force you to go out and BEG on the streets until you get back that 500 bucks!
Andrew says: LOL
Vincent says: WHAT THE HELL DID YOU BUY?!?
Justin says: all spend on sticker photo
Justin says: cinema
Justin says: lunch
Justin says: couple things
Vincent says: I thought 120 bucks for stickers?!
Vincent says: You mean you spent more on that?!
Vincent says: and lunch? where did you eat? hotel!?
Justin says: secret recipe
Justin says: and japanese restaurant
Andrew says: your girlfriend..is HIGH MAINTENANCE..throw her away!

And so, we older people started to lecture him on why it is not wise to do that with "his" money. This went on and on until......

Andrew says: Stupid git...you're paying for sex one way or the other...
Justin says: Andrew your brother oso owe me money lah
Justin says: I think he owe d whole form money
Andrew says: I know he does, I couldn't be bothered
Vincent says: Who asked you to lend people money?
Andrew says: Yeah, especially an Indian summore..
I think the humour is one of the few reasons I still do this shit these days...


hahaah sorry.. the last part made me fall off the chair................. LOL

yes, i adore your humour.




hmn... it is really unwise to spend more than 120 bucks on those photo stickers... he should mention it to his gf as well... if the girl loves him, she will take good care of his wallet as well...
ha ha it is hard to reject others or ask the money back from others. someone told me... if the person is not going or doesn't have the ability to clear his loan from you, just give him the $$$ and use your ability to get more $$$ hehe...
indian always doesn't clear his debt?


read quite a number of your posts

you're one cute guy



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