Wednesday, November 15, 2006

of marrying barbie dolls

I'll be brutally honest here.

When I came back from Singapore the other day, I was going to write a piece critisising the Barbie Dolls that seemed to infest every corner of that country. My first time walking down Orchard Road, and I couldn't help but notice the sheer volume of women with thick layers of war-paint plastered on their faces. It wasn't just the war paint - the hair, the nails, the shoes. All very prim and proper.

I started thinking then...why? Why do people subject themselves to all that trouble? Sure, grooming is good, which is why we comb our hairs and wash our faces. But surely there is such a thing as over-grooming? I started thinking about a lot of things, because that is what I do all the time. Insecurities? Peer pressure?

And then I compared them to what I look at in a woman. They are of course free to dress as they wish, but I like them simple, thank you very much. No need for an extravagant highlights or bright red lipstick. No need for manicured nails either. But of course, it is in the nature of women that when you tell them that you think they are awesome because they are simple, they tend to get angry and poke you in the eye (or maybe punch you in the nose).

Which then brought another train of thought pulling into the main station in my whacky head. Is it wrong for barbie dolls to be the way they are? Just because that is not a quality I look for, that doesn't mean it is wrong, no? And so I came to a rather surprising conclusion. Surprising by my standards of tolerance, I suppose..

Some people have the idea that if you choose a partner based on their looks, you are shallow. Shallow because apparently, there is more to a person than their looks. Of course there is, but some people say it so passionately that they are most probably idiots who are insecure about their own physical appearance. Everybody looks for different qualities in a partner - none of which are wrong.

I reckon there is nothing wrong with a person marrying someone just because that person has a rich father. It is not something that is important to me, but I can understand some people who might think it important to be rich in life. Similarly, I think there is nothing wrong with someone who has a trophy wife and proudly parades her around. Again, not something I would do, but to each its own.

The reason I say all this is because I realised that there really is no distinction between choosing someone because they are smart as opposed to choosing someone because they are pretty. Why is it that the genetic gift of beauty is frowned upon more than the genetic gift of intelligence? Both are discriminatory, but that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with discrimating either trait. Of course it would be a real catch to score one with both traits.....

As I like to put it...whatever floats your boat la..


War-paint was my term!


is tat y u remove xx link coz she looks like barbie dolls?

ooi...whatever floats your boat was and still is my phrase....

Girls with pretty faces = Bimbos (apparently)
Girls with intelligence = Nerds..geeks...watever

Girls with pretty faces and intelligence = almost NIL (apparently)

So the probability of scoring one with both traits is quite low considering how some MCPs immediately stereotype pretty girls to be no brainers.


What have you done to Vincent? Why have you kidnapped him?

Well, people believe that beauty is transient while intelligence is supposedly lasting. So when choosing a life partner, it's probably wise to go for something that can last a life time than short-lived. Of course, if you aren't looking for someone to be with for a life time, then how long the trait lasts becomes inconsequential.

anyone who says "looks don't matter" is a hypocrite. that's about all i have to contribute to this discussion. thanks.

we comb our hairs... hmmmmm... that is like saying... i ate all my rices...

I just wanted to say four things:

1) Shallow is good; nobody can drown in shallow water. Unless you're Thumbelina.

2) Booty floats my boaty, but of course different people have different tastes.

3) "Beauty is only skin-deep" is something that ugly people say to make themselves feel better.

4) It's a general misconception that intelligence lasts a lifetime. Scientific studies show that a person's intelligence / IQ starts to decline after their 50s, at different rates depending on nutrition, lifestyle, etc. On the other hand; Botox, HRT, etc. can work wonders on 50-somethings.


to anonymous (because I feel like being anal at 9am, can?)

i'm not even going to point out your grammatical error.

some people don't comb their hair. i, for one, didn't when i had really short hair.

some people have the privilege of not combing their hair.


some people don't always 'eat all their rices...'

vincent: no offence, ya (since i've only ever posted one comment before)? i'm ovulating =D


i prefer rocking em bootys

but i digress

lets go for beauty + intelligence + [insert wonderful good characteristics here]

perhaps lets just give everyone a careful considerate moment. then shove them off promptly with a one finger salute :)


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