Thursday, November 23, 2006

saturday morning story

Those scout meetings that I used to gladly volunteer for are starting to irritate me. After narrating a particularly fucked up story to one of my juniors (who quit volunteering a long time ago because he was understandably annoyed and frustrated with the kids), he commented that he couldn't really understand how I had such a high level of tolerance with respect to this, when I usually don't tolerate idiocy elsewhere.

But I've said this time and time again. This is my way of giving back to society. Some people do church or temple work. Some people help out with NGOs. I am not a big fan of this God bloke, and I think that a lot of NGOs are self centered cunts (you can quote me on that). I choose to teach (spoilt) kids a lesson or two in life.

Between lessons in tying knots and (insert stereotypical scout activity here), I think it more useful to teach them more important lessons in life. Just the other day, one of them complained about how he didn't get quite enough pocket money - ONLY 30 ringgit a week.

"Why the hell do you need 30 ringgit a week?! You don't pay for ANYTHING!"

This concept of pocket money is actually quite foreign to me, since I didn't get a single cent in school. Lunch was provided, and its not as if I needed to take a bus to get home. I didn't need money for anything. On the rare (really rare) occasions that I went out with my friends, mum would give me some money - just enough for the outing. I really didn't feel the need to buy random stuffs I don't need (which I presume is the only reason most kids get this pcoket money thingy).

But back to the kid:

"Yeah but that day my girlfriend wanted those sticker photos! One set 24 ringgit you know! And she wanted FIVE sets! I am bankrupt alreadylah!"

And for some reason, I went absolutely livid.

"You spent 120 bucks on fucking stickers?!?"
"Yah, if I say no then she cry, how?"
"Then you go look for another girl you can proudly parade around to your friends, you idiot!"
"Haiyah you don't know onelah"
"Yeah? You are using your parent's money to buy her shit. And you complain they don't give you enough. Wait till you start working and then you learn how fucking hard it is to earn 120 bucks."

His protests continued. I was beginning to think that my lecture was a lost cause. You can't really expect a teenager high on testosterone to logically reason out that his mythical girlfriend was worth 120 bucks of stickers. I was starting to give up, when I realised that the other kids actually took my lecture pretty seriously and looked like they learnt something that morning.

I told this story to the missus and she just shrugged it off. "Aiyah dear, we were all once young and stupid la," she said.


I was once young and did stupid things. But certainly not as stupid as this.

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tsk. you spent 200 for ur fucking prom tix, DEAR.

shit, how old was this kid?

Wait.. Missus?!

OMG...120 on stickers? GILA.

MISSUS? Is little Vincey growing up finally? hahaha

WTF, RM30 ONLY? fuck, RM30 damn precious ok? can pay for:

- half a tank of petrol
- two thirds of a CD
- economy rice lunches for a week
- a Marvel Legends Wolverine action figure.
- half my mobile phone bill
- a 250g bag of coffee beans
- a paperback book
- ten days worth of toll money travelling to and from my office to my house

bloody hell, kids these days...


shells : Yes, but out of money made by ripping off other kids by selling Magic cards

lyn : Form 4


hmm i spent 80 sing dollars on a pair of necklace for a girl who probably isn't interested in me...is that stupid? i rationalise it by nothaving lunch for 2 months..

missus? im equally shocked...

tsk, kids nowadays ar (actually im also a kid)

and may i ask what happened to tilia? why she likes to disappear one?


kids these days.

but i guess when you're a teenager, the things that are trivial to adults seem very important. like keeping a girlfriend who is obviously in it for the money.

funny though, how the girl's smart enough to wring the guy dry while he's stupid enough to fall for it.


Young people who treat money so trivially can wreck my entire day.

I hope to be able to turn a blind eye from now on.

Good to know you have a missus.


you're right... some of us were much more stupid & spoilt :P

props for volunteering & helping out there too. i would like to think you do get something back in some way from it (in a good way la~)


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