Wednesday, November 29, 2006

trying to be smart

In slightly over 2.5 years on this blog, people have always found a reason to disagree with me. I don't lose much sleep over what happens on the Internet, because if I did, I wouldn't have slept over the last two and the half years.

But amongst all the arguments and trolls I had (and there were a lot)
on the blog, the latest one has got to rate as one of the stupidest I have ever had the "privilege" of being involved in.

This reminds me of the time when I went on one of those leadership camp things, and the participants were split into two groups for all the activities. The participants were a good mix of university students and working adults. There was this pompous middle aged man who went around saying clever things trying to stand out from everything else, but was of course nothing more than an average idiot.

I remember a particular quiz session between the two groups of which the organisers asked questions, and you competed to see who could answer quickest. It was a simple competition designed nothing more than to see who could think the quickest.

One of the questions showed a picture of a cake and the question was, "What is the least amounts of cuts with a knife you would need to make to cut the cake into the following sizes?"
*count count count* FOUR! Correct! 1 point for the Blue Team!

5 seconds later, as the quizmaster was reading the next question, the pompous prick jumped up and interrupted her.

"Wait a minute," he protested, "the answer is ONE!"

He then went on to explain that the question asked what the least number of cuts is required, but didn't state the type of knife. So, if he had a knife that looked like the one in the picture below, he would only require ONE cut.
Technically, he was correct, but was also a very fucking stupid answer - only one that a pretentious prick would give. This is simply because such a knife does not fucking exist ordinarily, and would be extremely impractical.

So, technically, my troll was correct, but he gets the honour of my mockery because of his sheer pretentiousness. Yes, there are 32 '4's in the picture I posted, but everybody knows that I was talking about the picture inside the picture.

So dude, shut the fuck up and don't waste your time on my blog. Go and apply to join Mensa and then maybe you can go hang out with the rest of your "smart" buddies.


Dear Vincent,

I am already a member of MENSA.

Anyway, your whole story in no way relates to what happened in your earlier post.

I have never seen a knife in the shape above, and I can safely say that most people have not as well.

However, there were clearly 32 '4's in the picture. No need to imagine something that probably does not exist to find all 32.

God only knows why you will bring this up again, after all that arguing in the earlier post. Looks like you are not satisfied yet.

Well Vincent, give me your BEST shot. It still will not be good enough.



Dear Vincent,

Blah blah blah

Dear Vincent,

Blah blah blah

Dear Vincent,

Blah blah blah.....

OMG, you loser. Leave his blog alone and find something productive to do. Cause you ain't doing much here.



Dear Vincent,

I am sorry for being such a pretentious idiot in everything I've done. I am stupid. Please forgive me. I hope you will leave me alone and let me rot in peace.

jackass secretary


You're a member of MENSA?

Why didn't you say so earlier?

In that case, I wouldn't have wasted my time talking to you. I mean, what kinda pretentious idiot pays what, 80 bucks (i cant remember) a year to join an organisation which does NOTHING except publish monthly (crappy) newsletters and whose most active interest group is something called Makan R and R?

That said, it was 80 bucks well spent when I applied to unis all those years ago. After all, unis like pretentious students who go, "oooo I am a MENSA member you know"

Sorry, I have much better ways to spend my money than to give it to an organisation just for them to tell me I am smart.

But yeah, continue on with your pompousness, I am sure you are very well "respected" where ever you are as a MENSA member.

High IQ? Maybe, but you are as stupid as any other idiot on the street.


The question clearly states "How many number '4' can you find in the picture below?", conveniently repeated in Malay just in case you were too fucking dumb to understand first grader English.

Sammy, you're retarded.


i can't believe the whole thing went on and on till 42 comments...i got bored after anttyk declared himself the winner after like the 5th comment...zzz

he wanted to teach vincent a lesson mah. vincent. learned your lesson or not???

Dear Vincent,

I joined MENSA when I was much younger to improve my chances of getting a job. As it turns out, it looks extremely impressive on my CV.

Anyway, it does have its privileges in that when I want to I can interact with intelligent people without having to filter out the stupid ones by asking them questions to analyse their intellectual capabilities.

Dear omfgnewb,

The question I am referring to is Vincent's question set out BELOW the picture. Looks like you are too fucking dumb to understand that.

Dear chris,

I am getting bored too. Too bad Vincent had to start another topic. I think he enjoys this.


Yay Trolls!

I love trolls. THey're entertaining.


Dear Sammy,

Unlike you I was born with a gift called common sense which grants me the ability to make simple judgements to determine the obvious. Go have a cry because no one fucking cares how politically correct you are.

With regards,


"such a knife does not fucking exist ordinarily, and would be extremely impractical."

Actually, I think that knife would be very practical for shoving up the bums of pedantry-peddlers.

Did someone say MENSA? ROFL

The one thing I learnt when I was with that group during my schooldays was that a high IQ does not necessarily make a better person. In fact, it seems that a person's IQ is directly proportionate to how much of an asshole the said person will be perceived as.

Want an example? Consider how much of an asshole you reckon I am, then compare that to the fact that I topped the Cattell scale when the MENSA peeps gave me their test. LOL


sammy..your are a truly fucking idiot...go amuse urself by solving the crossword puzzles...IQ is not that important nowadays..it's EQ that counts..

jeeezzz,sammy is trully one dumbfuck.its his blog.his topics.his stories.he can say wutever he wants whether he is right or wrong.so just go wank yourself off somewhere else.god knows what arguments might surface with your future wife while sticking in your lil undersized thing cause for all we know,all goodness are in your brain as you proclaimed to be some HUGE mensa smart ass.like wut tigerjoe said,how much of an asshole you think i am?cause the Cattell scale was rubbish to me too!!! MUAHHH good luck sammy,you retard

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