Friday, November 17, 2006

we have a problem

How many number '4's can you find the picture?

This was a picture taken at a particular restaurant today - you know, the type that provides kids with little activity sheets so that they can keep themselves busy while waiting for their food instead of bugging the adults by climbing on chairs.

Anyhows, I looked at this particular one and it immediately caught my attention. A quick count and a glance at the answer provided in the corner quickly confirmed my suspicions - we are teaching our kids to develop a tunnel vision from all that spoon-feeding in schools.

Go on, count it and humour me will you?


I can only see one. Heh.

32 my dear, if you count the 2 in the question.

i will risk getting my head chopped off by vincent by saying...30?


i counted got 29, so wat is my reward?


anttyk: count la..not see

sammy: the question says 'in the picture'. dont be a smart ass

lishun: no, i counted 30 too

ice milo: you want a reward for counting wrong??


so what did the answer in the corner say? 30?

I got a 30 too. fux.. this is bad for my eyesight......

Answer in the corner said 29 - I assume they didn't include the BIG '4' staring straight at you.

the big foru isn't really a four...it's just a container of fours...see...a four shouldn't have many holes in them...haha if u get wat i mean

I am waiting to be spoon fed the answer

it really IS 30...

and a very stupid question picture it was too if i may add


yung jie: haha good one.

oh you mean i get to keep my head? yay!


Dear Vincent, you asked how many 4s I can find in the picture. I found 32. You suck.

What's "four"?

is a four the same as a 4?

There is only one legitimate and hence, REAL 4 in the picture. All the other little bits of crap are just patterns on the REAL 4.

Thus, I win. Pffbbrrrtt!


You buggers think too much.

Sometimes, thinking outside the box is a stupid concept. You are supposed to broaden your view, but that doesn't mean you come up with stupid views - like the guy telling me he found 32, because it included the question.

Once upon a time, one such idiot screamed at me, "You must think outside the box!"

I replied, "You fucking idiot, there is no fucking box, you just think there is a fucking box because you want to sound smart and pompous!"


Dear Vincent,

Only those who can't see the whole picture think there is no box. Just like how people on earth used to think it is flat because they couldn't see it from the outside.

You obviously are thinking very much inside the box. If you look at your question carefully, you said "How many number '4's can you find the picture?" In the picture that you uploaded onto your sorry excuse for a blog, there are 32 '4's.

The answer to the question IN the picture is "30". But the answer to your question is "32". You obviously lack the ability to form proper questions without considering the best possible answer first.

I foresee a bright future for you setting UPSR and PMR questions.


sammy, obviously, he is referring to the picture within the uploaded jpeg file lah.

oh good gawd the lengths people will go to just to prove they're right.

Actually if you want to be a smart ass, my question said: How many '4's can you find.

In that case, we are all wrong. The answer is two. There were two '4's in the question. The rest are just normal 4 without the aprostrophe.

If you think I am being stupid - point proven. Trying to be a smart ass makes you look fucking stupid.


pfffbrrrtttt. you idiotic bloggers think too much.

Dear Vincent,

The apostrophes are there for a reason. They are there as 4s is not a correct term. Therefore, to pluralise the number 4, it is necessary for you to use the apostrophes in order for it to make more sense.

Vincent, YOU trying to be a smart ass has made YOU look stupid. FUCKING stupid in fact. If you had wanted us to count the '4' including the apostrophes, your question should have been phrased "count the number of ''4''s.

Further, if you see my 1st answer, i clearly stated that it is 32 IF YOU INCLUDE THE 2 IN THE QUESTION. Therefore, I took into account the fact that you could have stupidly asked the question wrongly, but still covered all the bases. We intelligent people have the ability to know what you stupid people are thinking, and that is what makes us better than you.

Vincent, if I am in your shoes right now, I will just drop this argument and pretend it doesn't exist. At least save yourself some face.




Have you ever considered that MAYBE I was just copying the question in case some could not read it? The English was kinda sucky I thought, so I worded it myself.

Then again, you are a smart ass. I am sure you already figured that out.

Lesson here kids. Doesn't pay to get obsessed over nothingness. Makes you look really petty.


Dear Vincent,

The question is quite clear for all to see. Unless of course you have conducted a survey and found out that some of your readers are partially blind.

And if by smart ass you mean 'more intelligent than Vincent', then I know for a fact that there are many, many smart asses out there.

Funny you teach your amazing lesson after replying to me 2/3 times. You tried to come up with an argument as you do not have the courage to admit that I have a point and apologise for your stupid remarks, but your argument has clearly failed. And now, you talk about being petty. After you are proven to be wrong.

That is a tactic of a man who knows he has lost my friend. Just like name calling, such as 'smart ass'.

Go on, give me your best possible argument. But I get the feeling it will contain words like "dumb ass" or "stupid", for that is your level of intelligence.



Let's play this game. I type a response, and you reply with long comments repeating the same thing over and over again hoping to look just a tad smarter - while conveniently ignoring everything I said.

Your turn.


Dear Vincent,

My previous reply touched on all 3 paragraphs of your reply dated November 23, 2006 6:15 PM.

My previous reply also, other than replying to your commment, stated certain points about how you are using the tactics of a person with no decent argument.

I believe this is the first time I am making that point. As such, kindly show me where I repeated the same thing. Also, tell me which part of your comment was not replied to, and I shall favour you with a reply earliest possible.

I am looking forward to your prompt response.


Your comments are polite - you are trying to sound civil and professional.

Unfortunately, I think you missed the class in secretarial school where they teach you to sign off with "Yours sincerely"


pointless & worthless, this comment of mine is ;)

Dear Vincent,

Which part of your comment replies to anything in mine? Once again, personal attacks... tsk tsk... How MATURE.


Oh, sorry. I thought we were still playing that game of mine.

And my apologies too, for the 'personal attacks'. I should instead mock your maturity and 'level of intelligence'. God forbid, those surely aren't personal.


Dear Vincent,

At least I respond to every point in your comment, and if I do miss something out, I ask you to point it out.

You have not once tried to do that. That shows how good your argument is.


This one party "argument" has got to be the stupidest I have ever been associated with.

Two years ago I would have started a debate with you. Today, I have realised that it is best to humour idiots in the way that I have done in the comments above.


Dear Vincent,

Allow me to quote you:

"Have you ever considered that MAYBE I was just copying the question in case some could not read it? The English was kinda sucky I thought, so I worded it myself.

Then again, you are a smart ass. I am sure you already figured that out.

Lesson here kids. Doesn't pay to get obsessed over nothingness. Makes you look really petty."

In that comment, you responded to or argued against my comment.

Upon realising that you no longer have valid points, you started making irrelevant points, hoping that some less intelligent people will be fooled.

Now, you say that you were merely humouring me? I see it as yet another desperate attempt to put yourself in a better light, after the slap you got on your face.

Nice try, but it isn't working.



I am listening.

Please, do continue.


Dear Vincent,

I guess there is really no need to.

I think most people can see for themselves when reading all the comments whether I had valid points or not, and what you said in relation to those points.

Perhaps now that you have eaten humble pie you will be a bit more modest... but somehow, I doubt it.


Oh hi. I'm back. Was amusing the first few lines. But I think the avg blogder just scrolls down (re: ignore). But then some stupid ones like me continue to post worthless comments. *sigh*

Yeah, I am sure I will lose a lot of sleep since I "lost" an almighty argument with a genius.



agree with stev. it got boring after a while.

trolls seem to share a common trait: lack of common sense.

kids nowadays. ^^


There is no four..

by golly gosh, wombok is right! FINALLY someone here is right!

now can we all go back to being adults again? thanks.


lishun, I have always been an adult. You and Vincent can go back to being adults.

bodicea, it had nothing to do with humour. It was about Vincent thinking he is never wrong.


yeah sammy..im sure u have always been an adult..spending ur own sweet time arguing about how many 4's in the picture..we are kids in our heart btw...

anyways just go do something useful like reading the news about the three big companies mergers or engage in politics debate..dont just bore urself in front of the pc arguing with 'kids' like us...


do the both of u guys EVER gotten laid???!!!! haha...... yes i am referring to both vincent and sammy....HAHA......OMFG!!!....

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