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Frustrated Bloggers

Thursday, 28 December 2006

Kuala Lumpur: After a massive earthquake severely damaged submarine telco cables off the coast of Taiwan on Tuesday, one particular group has felt the brunt of this devastating tragedy.

Bloggers have been complaining that they have been cut off from their (imaginary) fans and that they are frustrated because they now have no means whatsoever to pen their already bottled-up feelings. This is especially ironic since these bloggers usually use their blogs to vent their anger and complain about the impending Armageddon - but now they have lost the only venting outlet.

A blogger who wishes to remain anonymous has insisted that this is the government's fault and that the government should be more proactive in encouraging the rakyat to adopt other more useful and more conventional hobbies such as collecting stamps or even writing using a pen and a hard covered book called a 'Diary'.

A particular kinky fairy says that her information and contacts are all stored online and hence cannot get her work done - which beggers the multi-million dollar question of 'How the hell are the banks functioning?" Another famous blogger who happens to be a politician is also extremely frustrated that he cannot share his thoughts with the rakyat since his blog is inaccessible - never mind that only 500 out of 24 million people read his blog daily.

But one should be more understanding the bloggers' predicament. When interviewed, infamous blogger Vincent Lau (of the B*tchingLOG and HantuBola fame) kindly explained, "We must realise that bloggers are a unique breed of humans. They do not have much of a life outside their computers and taking away bandwidth from them is not any different than taking away bread from a starving African child. This is the fundamental principle of human rights - we cannot deny these unfortunate deprived citizens their God given right to live their lives as recluse of society."

When asked about his thoughts of the perceived problems down south in Johor, Lau remarked that he knew nothing of the situation and that we should instead contact some Johorian bloggers to see their take on this matter. However, at press time, no Johorian blogger could be reached - presumably because the Internet connection over there is also experiencing similar difficulties.

Meanwhile, frustration and anger looms still looms large in Kuala Lumpur.

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No net mer no net lah. Will die meh?

That seems to be the general consensus from the two (ridiculous) newspaper articles.

People should learn to sit on the park bench and talk to themselves.


Good one Vinc! Another expected mission!
Well I believe if this happens 2 years ago + Vincent Lau, would definatly bring a much deeper pain to these whinning fellas.
These whinning fellas have no consideration of the 2 deaths and 42 injuries of the earthquake victims, as comparing to a merely 1-2 days of 'unable to blog suffering symptom' ... ok lah ok leave them alone for their "God given right to live their lives as recluse of society"


nice one! :D

that kinkyfairy is a pscyho but she thinks she's all that yiaks

whiners, all of them.

as long as not blogging isn't depriving bloggers of their one and only means of putting food on the table, they shouldn't be complaining.

it was an earthquake. no one planned it. get over it. sheesh.



good call. someone should start a blog-addict therapy group for these people. THERE IS LIFE OUTSIDE THE INTERNET, YA'LL!

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