Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It is not everyday that I can gladly report that I was humbled. I look around me and most of the time I find my peers inadequate. You may attribute that to my ego, or you can call that a brutal (albeit sometimes short sighted) assessment of myself.

The last few days has been good to me. I went a long way in re-affirming my capabilities, proving to myself once again that I am capable of performing magic if I want to. Angelina Jolie made my day once again. I don't know if I can call this a proud achievement - I have loads of other achievements that easily trumps this.

But what actually humbled me was this particular person I met, whom I had the pleasure to lead, but a person whom I would gladly work under - a person whom I know has something special burning inside, yet she doesn't seem to want to tell the whole world of her capabilities.

Contrary to popular believe, I don't exactly go around telling people I meet of my capabilities (you people on the Internet are a totally different proposition altogether), but I don't exactly hide my achievements either. So if you may, this was indeed something new for me.

I am not saying that I strive to be like her, or like the other hundreds of great men and women out there who prefer not to spew their achievements upon the rest of us. I motivate myself from within. I need to keep inflating my own ego, to tell people that I am good. And because I keep doing that, I cannot afford to fail. Failing would turn me into a laughing stalk and I cannot stand for that. So, going by the twisted logic of mine, being "arrogant" helps me succeed.

I don't expect you to understand what I feel, or understand how my logical thinking works, but if there is a lesson that you must take away with you today, it is that there is nothing wrong with being "arrogant" because "arrogant" people do also recognise greatness in many other forms.

Those of you who have been reading my blog long enough probably already know my stand on matters concerning our country and racial issues that shroud our society. I hope to change the way we think, and that is why I write the things I write. However, sometimes, when I talk to someone face to face and the person starts bitching about how "things aren't supposed to be like that", sometimes I am just not in the mood to start my sermon or even debate on the subject.

So, the other day, when this lady went, "........but the way they see things in this country is messed up and it shouldn't be like that."

I went, "Ah well, sometimes we should just let it be lah.."

"NO!" she insisted, "That is the problem! We cannot just let it be!"

I sat up and immediately started paying attention. She continued, "We have to try to change things. Even if those things are too big, I try to change them. And even if I manage to change the way one person thinks, then I know that I made a difference."

I nodded my head in agreement and I let loose a smile.


Just my type of person.

Note: I am still on the road - I'll only get back to Hicksville this time next month.


someone once told me that sometimes the smallest being can lead to the biggest change.


passion is the biggest turn on to me in a female - in a totally non-sexual way

good to have moments like that in our lives (not too often tho ;)


whee! (i have no useful contributions to the discussion)

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