Thursday, December 07, 2006

multiple choice question

Simple question:

What caused the 2004 tsunami that killed 230 000 people?

a) God was angry with evil sinners
b) God wanted to test people's faith
c) God was reminding us of his awesome power and telling us that he could take away life as easily as he gave it
d) Two tectonic plates crashed against each under causing an underwater earthquake that displaced a shit load of water very quickly

It's a simple question with a simple answer, no?


I'll take it that God was angry with sinners and wanted to test their faith in him. Hence he gave a display of power by crashing the two plates together.

i may be a christian but even in christianity there's space for something along the lines of "shit happens". alot of the time religious bigots can interpret whatever they want out of natural disasters and wars and everything bad that happens to them. but sometimes, it's got nothing to do with God. they're just putting words into His mouth. i choose option (d).

wow... i choose the option d.
dr. tan, your answer is so complicated... i don't think teacher will expect any explanation for a multiple choice question...


choose (d)

s!mple question with different answers from various readers.

I would go for d) but i also get comments from people

"takdir tuhan"


E) because shit happens.

and F)because there are tons of bastards out there and we need a purging every now and then.


multiple choice questions are like a box of chocolates, u'll never know what answwer ur gonna get...

Garghhh... The chocolate cliche! Ya the shit happens thing. Or they'll interpret our existance as a blessing.

erm.. god left the tab on a bit too long perhaps?

(e) A giant octopus that lives in the depths of the Indian Ocean broke wind. Big time.

neither. It's e) god's way of population control

agree with pebbles jetson.

(d). i check the answers at the back of the book.

one word..... and muslim called it


Either way, insurance companies will still call it (ironically or not) An Act of God.

Actually d) the tectonic plates were rubbing against each other for a long time (not crashing) and eventually the stresses between them caused them to jolt forward, causing the sudden displacement of water.


There is no such thing as god. God is a creation of man.

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