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You don't have to be in the thick of action to know that dodgy underworld activities do happen everywhere. I always knew that somehow, you could always find dodgy women if you knew where to look. You know they are around you, but somehow you don't know how close they are. You know that men pay for all sorts of services, but you never know the extent they go to to get laid.

I had a very educational afternoon. A friend sent me a link to a certain forum (I am NOT disclosing the link to you losers out there) which detailed the locations of hen houses, reviewed the girls there, the prices, all the way to the performance review. As I read through the list, some of the locations shocked the very core out of me. You drive past a place on the street, and never in your wildest dreams would you ever think that hanky-panky stuff actually happen in there.

I don't know if I can call the things I learnt today 'useful' but they were certainly very insightful. For instance, paying for sex is one thing. Paying for a false sense of "intimacy" is pretty stupid, yet understandable. The reason people do it is very much a given. But I learnt that people actually pay for handjobs. I read that and thought, "But...WHY?! Don't you have hands?!"

What was most disturbing was the fact that most of the reviewers seemed to be hooked. They talk about going to these places to kill their time, or to try other girls - just for the heck of it. Some of them asked the other regulars if they knew the whereabouts of a certain working lady that doesn't work in the same place anymore. You read those posts and you say a silent prayer for them.

God help their ugly mutts and tiny weewees.

Post publication entry (24 May 2007): After the really funny expose in the NST and the constant barrage of you losers, I wrote another piece which you can read here.


God... That's worse than what I recently wrote about.

*glances at above comment*

wow. that was a mighty cleverly subtle way to plug your blog. hehe.

and yes. those people are in dire need of prayers.


hahahah i had a rather similar conversation with a friend about six months ago, i think....

apparently, that forum also includes listings by country, and they even have a "comprehensive ratings system", quoting this pal of mine... what's more, he told me our beloved country ranks quite highly in polls. god help us all.


eh vincent, send me the link lah, just want to read if the streets are those i know of so i can also shake my head when riving by....

Dude, maybe their own hands are well, coarse and chapped and they wanted some ah...smoother hands etc etc.

Or it could be they wank themselves off so much it doesn't thrill them anymore, and they need well, FRESH STIMULATION.

You COULD of course, interview em so we can all fullfill our curiosity...huhuhu.


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is it mamak special?? hehehe... i am mod there! come and see lah! only gay dun wan handjob from girl lah...

True, only idiots reject handjobs.

But only LOSERS pay for them.


the underworld is really another world of its own. Just like the ocean...


is the forum u mention mamakspecial? I am the owner of that forum. The forum is for open minded adult and people who want to get information about commercial sex places in malaysia and other countries. what is so wrong? We all have need and want. Some people pay to get it satify. Rape is wrong as it is against the will of a person.


Well, yes. Then, like I said in the article - God help your ugly mutts and tiny weewees.

To each his own! Those "ugly mutts and tiny weewees" are not rapists and thier commercial transactions are on willing buyer & willing seller! You have your way of life & they have thiers! Whats is important dont be God & be judemental coz 1 day you may be commiting the very same sin! Anyway I know you're going to have a weired come back coz thats You!

What god you pray? Which god teach you address humans that know how to fully use their manhood as ugly mutts and tiny weewees? You know how to cheong or not?

lil bro, guess u have not seen the real world yet. Guys who pay for such are not losers.. they probably earned $$$ than u do. They can afford to get someone else to wank it for them without them dirtying their hands.

Can u afford that? If not, u just gotta use your poor chapped hands to diy ur wee wee and missed out the fun.


Ooh, oooh! This is so fun!
The invasion of the deformed mutts from the...er, deformed mutts forum!!

I have a question.

Is this like the drunkards who go for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and then raise their hands and shout, "I am NOT drunk!"



Here are a few things that I must add due to the fact that you've already disturbed the 'underground beehive'.

1. Have you ever lusted over a girl?
*Lusted... see a girl and go gaa gaa without even knowing her or loving her.

2. Have you ever been lonely?
*Lonely... nobody to talk to, nobody to listen to.

3. Have you ever get fed up with your wife or gf or a close female friend?

4. Have you signed up to view the forum mentioned?

If your answers for these questions has at least a 'yes', then welcome to the brotherhood... I'll get some bros to bring you to cheong!!!


Oh Grow Up!.. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. As long as there are "willing buyer" and "willing seller", so be it. As for the forum, it is the same reasons why people BLOG,..to share information with others.

Not only are you deformed, you guys are also blinking morons.

It's not something to be proud off you know..

And if you talk about willing buyer and willing seller, I am sure druglords are willing sellers as are jungkies being willing buyers.

Doesn't really make the transaction legal, does it?


Tsk Tsk Tsk.... Small lil boy... still holding on to the old school of thought.... The world today is working on a fast pace, therefore we dun want to waste our time playing the courting game when we should be out making $$$, and in return, we mar pay for no attachment services lor. We are not paying for sex... we are paying for no attachment pleasures. When u do are with someone long enough(or when u do get together with someone who took ur virginity away) you will understand

i bet Vincent is still a virgin small weewee boy.

he is just have not found the real pleasure of sexual adventure.

he is Christian too


mamakspecial is a good forum. i have meet many friends from that forum . god bless all mamakspecial member. u are good people.



Rabid diseased losers are infesting your blog!

.. and Vince, how come I didn't know you became a Christian?

Tee hee!


For the sake of Christianity, I hope Vincent is not one. His character is shaky.

True, there's no need to support or condone who those ppl there are doing.... but to call them tiny wees wees etc simply show a lack of class or breed. Or a huge sense of insecurity.


o boy, reading this Vincent's writings is down right embarassing.

I can't imagine how someone could be so try-hard in trying to be creative in name-calling. It's chilling. Maybe you might think yourself very smart in coming up with these names like "deformed mutts"... i guarantee you'll feel embarassed when you reflect on it 5 years later.


Don't be silly - I don't think myself smart. I KNOW it to be true.

at least cheongters is not rapists.
they pay for what they want with their hard earned money. prostitutes are hardworking professionals who look for a honest living. we cannot despised them.

Vincent,if u still continue to suppressed urself,u will eventually become a rapist.Thank you for contributing to the statistic of rising crime rate in Malaysia.

ERR...may be worse,u will becoming a GAY. MAY GOD BLESS UR PITY SOUL.



to each its own..

whatever stirs your drink..

don't be so fast to condemn

live and let live..

and we will allow you go back peeping on your momma


haha, this is funny...

Is Vincent naive? yes
Is Vincent a good boy? yes
Is cheonging right? no, but in naturally, yes.......

I believe one day Vincent will end up as a cheongster...at least once in his life..haha...

so guys, no need to argue on this topic, Vincent himself will have the answer by himself one day...hahaha


Bro anonymous, we no need to argue with people who want to be a saint. If he wants to be lonely then let it be. If he wants to criticise the forum or members, the most pity person to be is only him. He will never try the precious moment to be together with a gorgious women who is willing to be paid to serve him.

As to Vincent, yes, prostitution is never to be anything proud of regardless its legal in law. When you think twice, why still so many people are going for it? Why there are still many people thirst for it? Let me ask you these. Have you ever have a desire on making love with a woman? Have you ever try something that you never think of trying it? Have you ever pay for a gal to have sex before? If not, unless you tried it, your blog is a disgrace to most men.


God dont help those who dont help themselves. Only prayers will pray for god to help the other weaklings. We all help ourselves in order to achieve something that we been looking for only.
If you say 'God help their ugly mutts and tiny weewees.' Dont you have one tiny weewee? You are a male (I presume). You should be happy to be a male and not to disgrace the male species. Weaklings like you will have a such pathethic phrase such as 'Pay for handjobs. But why? dont you have hands?' Have you ever tried a handjob with a gal/girlfriend before? To me, I feel a pity to you.


hi guys i am from aus . i was born in melaysia, i left when i was 12 years old. i cant find any brothel wed site in google at all . then i relise that is iligal to go to a brothel. that suck man . but now i will try the web site you guy told me www.mamakspecial.com. . is good that you guy have this web site if not i dont know where to go man . thanks Anonymous again man.

mamakspecial is a good forum, my friend who is a cop told me that he reads it to get certain info to assist in a raid esp on illegal immigrants.

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Haiz~ very obvious this "vincent" person is still very naive & dun understand anything about manhood. probably he/she still thinks that his/her mom is a still a virgin when she gave birth to him/her. i even doubt "vincent" is a guy at all... coz normal guys understand the joy in cheonging... even gay ppl also will go cheong gay guys la rite? probably "vincent" is a gal who can't keep up with her bf's sexual demand & that he had to find comfort in another gal's arms... & that rite now she's so freaking pissed off she's even considering 2 go lesbian way =) no problem gal... juz go ahead but leave ur hands off those hot SYTs ok? =)

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