Wednesday, December 20, 2006

questions to ponder

Elitism, they say is a bad thing.

I could never quite understand that concept. You can mistake elitism for arrogance, but are either of them necessarily bad? Would it be any different if you were a law abiding citizen and you frowned upon the act of someone committing a minor crime of throwing a sweet wrapper out the car window? Does that make you a moral elitist? I reckon not, but you may digress and say that throwing a biodegradable sweet wrapper on the road is not as bad as, say, killing someone. Still it is against the law and the difference is the magnitude of your action and the impact that comes along with it. Nonetheless, you are still a moral eltist by not wanting to have anything to do with the murderer.

So if it is alright to descriminate someone by their moral values, why is not okay to discriminate someone by their intellectual level? You may want to argue that brains are a genetic gift and hence it would be unfair to shun upon people who do not share the same in-depth level of reasoning. Fine, but would that subsequently mean that it is alright to mock people if they had control over something but chose not to do anything about it.

For instance, if I talk to someone and they cannot hold a simple conversation because of their lack of general knowledge, is it my fault that I don't want to have anything to do with those people? Is it my fault that I think some people are just not worth my time, and that I prefer to spend my time doing something more productive, like spending time alone with myself? Why would I be considered eltist then?

And speaking of which, why is it considered "sad" if someone loves time alone with themselves? Why do people feel so insecure if they were alone with no companion? Is eating alone any bigger a crime than eating with a bunch of people whose company you do not enjoy?

How is watching a movie alone any different than watching it with a herd of people? Of course that is assuming that you are a considerate person and do not talk during movies. Show starts. You pretty much watch the movie, shut up and keep your thoughts to yourself. After the movie is done, you walk out of the cinema. That is if you watch the movie alone. If you watch it with someone, the only difference is you turn to your companion as you walk out and go, "So, what did you think?"

Now if you will kindly excuse me, I need to catch up on my books ALONE in my room.


I hate idiots too!!

it sucked coz girls cant approach u lor *sob*sob*

Elitism is good, if you're not on the receiving end. It gives us something to aim for.

Some activities are meant as solitary pursuits anyway.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hols.


since when did moral high-ground become a substitute for elitism

throwing a sweet wrapper and murder are different ends of the extreme, but it isn't elitist to practice what is considered acceptable social behavious

ethical paths do not cross elitist trenches...

just a thought...


but then that begs "what is socially accepted behaviour anyway?"

still it's not taking the high ground


it's okay being an elitist, as long as you don't make it so obvious that you think yourself an elitist.

wait, that didn't make sense.

erm. i guess there's a thin line between being an elitist and being arrogant. there's a difference, though.

it's like...thinking your auntie's cooking sucks, but you don't pretend to like it neither do you tell her "your cooking sucks". you just chew your food, swallow it and decide you'll never go for another one of her cookouts ever again.

does that make more sense now?


vincent is nerdy.

lishun is stupid.

icemilo is a pervert.

jeevs is philosophical.

i am judgemental.


i had a friend who thinks that it's her duty to save all the unfortunate souls in the world. ended up trying to 'save' her friends by badmouthing other people, and screaming her moral value rights to everything.

but as vincent said in one of his entry, it is a level of acceptance. i just can't accept her ways anymore.

i hate stupid people too.


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