Monday, January 01, 2007

just another day

Its the first day of the new year.

Somehow it seems like any other day. I have been wishing people a "Happy New Year" all day, and I have been getting a lot of greetings likewise. Yet, somehow my greetings do not seem to have the same gung-ho as when I wish people, "Gong Xi Fa Cai!"

For many people, I appreciate the fact that it is a new year with new opportunities to right the wrong, to hope for a better sounding chapter in the story of their lives, and for most - the chance to start things afresh on a clean slate. People ask for a chance of redemption. People pray that nothing bad happens to them. I have no such luxuries. I do not allow myself such luxuries. Not any more at least.

I have made some pretty serious errors in judgements (none of which I am prepared to share online) in the year gone by, yet I ask for another chance to make similarly grave mistakes so that I can once again learn from my mistakes, rise to the occasion and trump everybody on the head. Women come and go. Careers go up and down. I do not ask any higher being to grant me success in those things. All I ask for is a chance to experience the ups and downs of my already twisted life.

Its just another day, my friends.

Cherish it.


happy new year, vincent :)

so...optimistically morbid. i'm confused. have a happy paradoxical 2007, vincent!

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