Wednesday, January 10, 2007

my apologies, hor

There are lots of annoying Malaysian practices that is somehow embedded in our culture to the point where we actually advocate such practices but don't realise how incredibly stupid they are.

For instance, loads of people insist on using water to wash their asses (and subsequently wetting and dirtying the toilet) after taking a dump. It's supposedly cleaner than using toilet paper it seems. Well, you do take showers twice a day, don't you? Yes, you can say that you take a dump in between both showers, but the logic of being clean doesn't hold unless you tell me that you rush to the toilet to wash your ass each time you fart and you apply a shit load of deodorant on your ass every morning because I am sure as hell somewhere along the day you are going to fart and you surely are going to sweat.

Or like the practice of showing up unannounced at someone's house and expect to be entertained because, hey we are very hospitable people and we should do our utmost best to accomodate our guests, no matter how inconsiderate they are by showing up at dinner time.

But lately, I have been annoyed at the tendency of people to keep apologising for everything they do. Here you have a GM (rightly) berating idiots for being unprofessional, but after he is done with his tirade and his presentation, he goes, "dan saya ingin memohon maaf jika tersilap kata dan telah menyinggung perasaan tuan tuan dan puan puan."


There is no need for an apology if you did what you thought was right. Why should you apologise for what you believe in? And if you prepared a speech before hand, surely you would know whether the contents are offensive or not? Surely you know your audience and if you had the slightest inkling that anything was offensive then you would have omitted that portion? Or perhaps you did give thought to it, in which case you should have some moral spine to stand up for what you believe in and ignore the politically correct assholes in the audience.

The other day I was the project leader for an assignment and we going at it pretty intensely. It was not till after the assignment was done that this one girl came up to me and apologised for screaming at me. I hadn't, in all honesty realised that she did indeed raise her voice until she brought it up. I explained that she didn't have to apologise for having the passion and the drive to scream when something was going pear shaped. So as long as the screaming is productive and constructive, I would rather such a person than someone who sits in the corner and sulks when things aren't going right. That concept was probably foreign to her as she came up to me yesterday, at the end of the whole thing and apologised to me if she had in anyway offended me in the last 5 weeks.

Well, that was her along with countless other people I worked with over the last 5 weeks. And to each and everyone of them who apologised "sekiranya terbuat silap" I told each one of them that there wasn't any need for apologies and for my efforts, I got a blank stare in return.

I still cannot understand it...


They apologised because they thought that they did something wrong. The girl who apologized for screaming even though you didn't think so, must have felt bad for being angry at you. I mean, everybody feels awful when we get scolded, and I don't know about you, but I feel bad after I've shouted at someone, even though they might be in the wrong. There is always a better way of telling somebody they did something wrong instead of yelling. And, when people apologise when they don't know if they've done something wrong, it's not supposed to be annoying, its manners.

Reminds me of a teacher of mine who taught science in Form 1. She was trying to explain what a kayu uji berbara was to the ahbengs in my class and said "Well, its like...Muslim students I apologise, like the joss sticks that Buddhists use"

As if its a crime to state the facts of another religion. I don't feel weird speaking of 'not eating pork' when I'm among Muslims.

People living in PJ should be familar with her. Shanti of Taman S.E.A. fame, with her husbang Siva of SMKDJ.


i apologise too much too. it's a really bad habit. no one should have to apologise for anything unless what they did was totally and completely wrong. sometimes we're just so caught up with ourselves and what others think of us that we put too much thought into our actions and feel we should apologise for something even if it didn't offend anyone at all.

I can't seem to comprehend such apologetic culture either...

I would like to apologise to my dead brain cells for having killed you guys after reading this crappy post.

Well, people try to walk the line on being polite and kind and what not shit and actually scolding some bastards for their own good. Hence the apoligies.

It's the same with the 'no offence' line. "no offence, but I think you're an asshole".

Apologies as such are seldom genuine and they only do it because they were taught to, or because they don't want to be hated just in case.

Human behavior. Hilarious.


keng : On a similar topic, how about the people who try not to sound as if they are imposing their views on you and go, "Oh, but in my honest opinion....bla bla"

Well, no shits it's your opinion. It came out of your mouth, didn't it?


vincent i love tis post!!!!!!!!
*me give vincent kisss on the mouth*


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