Thursday, January 18, 2007

who cares?

Beneath everything that you think of me, I don't actually care for very many things going on around. Just because I blog about social issues from time to time, people seem to have this image of me as someone who really cares about everything.

The truth is, I don't.

I care about the education system because I believe it produces idiots. I care about racial issues because I see it as a means of payback. I was once horribly racist (now just a tiny bit, haha!) and this is my way of changing things. Then there might be the occasional social issue that might concern me, like animal rights (it concerns me because animal rights activists are usually morons) and handicapped people.

And I certainly don't care enough about politics to write about it. I read the papers and know what is going on around me, but that is suffice. Unlike all the idiots around, I don't pretend to know the political cliques of a certain businessman and I certainly don't bother who said what to offend who yesterday. And I KNOW that most of you people there don't really give much of a hoot either.

So why the fuck is everybody faking their concern about bloggers getting sued?

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good one, ditto ;)

because Vincent , this is just another step taken by the government, through its agent (NST) to curtail the freedom of expression, that as it is, barely exists.

freedom of expression is a direct and effective check and balance on the government. without it, malaysia could turn into a dictatorship. we have to fight for our human rights, and preserve the little we already have.


Bla bla bla bla bla...

You buggers do realise that while you are babbling about free speech and democracy and all that mumbo jumbo, NST hasn't done anything that isn't out of their legal right?

Hypocrites, the lot of you.

If you truly believe that these bloggers have a right to say as they please within the boundries of the law, then surely NST has a legal right to sue - whether or not they win is a secondary issue - they should have an equal right, no?

Personally I feel everybody should sit down and shut the fuck up, NST included. But this is from someone who doesn't believe in all this free speech mumbo jumbo.

All I am saying is that there is no half-way house. You either support both parties and their rights to be able to do as they please within legal boundries, or you are against ALL of it. You can't support the principles of one without supporting the other.


vincent, are you familiar with the law of defamation?

if you are, you will realise that NST doesn't have much of a case.

you should also realise that the usage of the court as a means of intimidation is NOT a legal right. it is an abuse of process. but somehow, as this country works, for example how abdul razak baginda could have been freed on bail, i expect the court to find a case where there isnt one.

further, the right of free speech is a HUMAN RIGHT, not a legal right.


I could argue that free speech is NOT a fundamental human right, but that would be an argument for another day.

For today, I only have one question : Did NST break any laws in the process?


vincent, i actually agree with you that free speech is not a fundamental human right. but it is a human right nonetheless.

NST, unless they can find a case where there isnt one, will have broken a law, in that they are abusing the process of court. in a perfect judiciary, NST's case will be thrown out, with costs awarded to Jeff Ooi and Rocky.

the award of costs is a means of not only compensating the wronged party, but also to punish the party that is in the wrong.

i must point out that whatever i have said is based on the assumption that NST in fact does not have much of a case. their lawyers could be coming up with something brilliant at this very moment.


now now...i am on vincent's side. what's all the hooha? whether or not the bloggers are liable, let the court decide.

and while freedom of speech is a human right, it is just a matter of degree. everyone should speak responsibly. with that in mind, it would be ridiculous to say bloggers are not subjected to this, esp the ones with a substantial readership.


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