Friday, February 09, 2007


"We are who people think we are. People think he's a great doctor, so they give him stuff.

He is a great doctor!

The reality is irrelevant. People who know me see me as an ass, treat me as an ass. People who don't know me see a cripple, treat me like a cripple. What sort of selfish jerk wouldn't take advantage of that?" Dr Gregory House (Episode 204 - TB or not TB)

I take it upon me to conduct myself properly outside the cyberspace, and especially when it comes to work. The curses and the sarcasm are generally non-existant. The arguments about general issues take the same course and logic as they do here, but only with less critisism pointed at idiots.

It would therefore be awesome to list a few noteworthy comments made by people recently. These was before they really knew me and ff course, in time, some assumptions fade away and you get to be quite 'the buddies' with people, but some killer quotes do remain...

Eh this Vincent ar, good boy la. Let's corrupt him - we must take him out drinking one day!

Don't be so modest la, Vincent!

Vincent, it was nice meeting you and listening to your opinions - you should blog, you know.

Which reminds me of one of the stupidest things this maths lecturer in college tried teaching me. Don't ASSUME things - because ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and ME. Eh, go to the die la you stupid cow. How to solve maths problems without making assumptions about equations?!

Okay, that served no purpose but to make you laugh a little (just a little). I was away the whole of last week and pretty much most of the coming two months. Still, I am in the process of learning what a bitch it is to label my entire archive and fit tags to them so that you buggers can conveniently read through the blog by the categories.


I frequently quote the ASS'U'Me thing when it benefits me.

Point my friend was making, 'it still makes you an ass, and since i'm already an ass it doesn't bother me'.


So there's two sides of you?

The person working in the real world, polite and sweet..

and the blogger bitching and ranting and questioning life's sense of humour...

I think one way or the other we all do that, only the medium has changed. I think blogging is healtier compared to keeping it all in and getting more depressed :)


No no no no...

You misunderstood. I never said polite and sweet. I said I conduct myself well. You can't change a person, you can't control your feelings and emotions - but you can control your actions.

I am essentially the same bitch everywhere - just with more restraint sometimes.


no one is ever the exact same person online as they are in real life, and no one should expect others to be.

and that was one of the best moments in "house" history.


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