Sunday, February 25, 2007


I came back from an awesome camping trip yesterday evening, managed to get myself into trouble last night, and spent the whole of today sleeping. After tomorrow, I will be on the road for the next month or so with occasional updates when I have the time (and more importantly, the Internet connection). Still, I thought it would be nice to let you buggers know that I am still alive by letting a buddy of mine say a quick hello!


Is tat chicken sized and still alive?

i doubt that it was still alive. it is gross... you removed its skin!!! did you dissect out its nerve fibre as the laboratory lesson and pinch on it to make its limb moving? ha ha you seem to have a nice holiday :P

They taste damn good. I went to Merlimau for some good food yesterday. They cooked frogs in ginger paste which wasn't overpowering.

And the fish was bloody fresh.


imagine it fried.


frogs legs.


gavin: No, according to the orang asli folks, chicken sized frogs come in about a month's time. These guys haven't grown that size yet.

cheryl: Imagine it tempura fried. That's what we did. I'll blog about it later.


was that your lunch?

people tell me frogs taste like seaweed.


oh yum.

as a med student, i'm not supposed to think that it looks gross, but it does anyway.

but yum.


Dude, I think they taste great, but really..that's a seriously freaky picture.


Especially when you're secretly surfing blogs at work and open the windows smaller and the first thing that pops up in your field of vision is the dead frog's eye, gazing beatifically at you. (-_-")


Sunshine, that's gross.

I have a toad that likes to come into my kitchen.
His name is Bobbi.




once, i saw them being skinned at the ss2 pasar malam. felt like crying after that.

so damn fucking sad sial.


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